BREAKING NEWS | Tongi Ijtema on February 17 and 18, 2019 | Finally the Nizamuddin tour brings the success of Bangladesh National Ijtema.

The final meeting about Ijtema 2019, was held at 4pm, today at Bangladesh Religious Affairs Ministry.

After Completing the meeting it was decided that there will be no combined Ijtema, with Pakistan-based “Alami Sura”, and it will be ” Bangladesh National Ijtema” instead of “World Ijtema”. Both group will be participate separately and organised single Ijtema.

The followers of “Nizamuddin” are truth and the followers of Pakistan-based “Alami Sura” are falsehood. So it’s the conflict of Truth with falsehood. The conflict between truth and false is inevitable.

In such a situation, Ijtema combined with “Alamir Shura”, on the one hand, is risky, on the other hand, immoral.

On January 29-30, 2019, mainstream Tabligh’s elders went in Delhi Nizamuddin to decide whether to take part in Ijtema in conjunction with militant Hefazat groups under the Pakistani Alami Sura. At that time Nizamuddin decided that Ijtema will not be combined, but Ijtema has to be single.

World Ijtema must be done under the supervision of World Markaz Nizamuddin and through ensuring secure participation of the world Amir. World Ijtema must be free from conflict and politics and everyone’s participation must be secure. Though it’s not sure either World Amir or Nizamuddin Jama’at will be participate. And also upcoming Ijtema declared as a “Bangladesh National Ijtema” from the Bangladesh government.

Tongi Ijtema 2019, Forcibly imposed by the Bangladesh Government Home and Religious Affairs Ministry. Another horrible conspiracy in history. Pakistan-based “Alami Shura” and their Bangladeshi counterpart “Hefazat-e-Islam” behind the conspiracy. Bangladesh Government has a militant connection with “Hefazat-e-Islam”, and for that Bangladesh government supports them. The government trying to arrange the upcoming Ijtema according to the formula given by “Hefazat-e-Islam”.

Because of the firm determination of Nizamuddin followers (to obeyed the Nizamuddin Markaz Mashawara), the BD Government finally changed it’s decision (instead of forcibly imposed).

Nizamuddin followers will start Bangladesh National Ijtema on Sunday February 17th, after Fajr.

Ijtema will continue for two days (February 17-18, 2019) and final Dua will be held on Monday February 18th, after Isha. Kakrail Nizamuddin Shura Syed Wasiful Islam will be under the overall supervision of Ijtema.

On the other hand, Pakistan-based “Alami Shura” will leave the Ijtema Ground at the end of their Fitna Ijtema on the 16th, after Asar. (Pakistan-based Alami Sura Fitna Ijtema on February 15-16).