Nizamuddin v. Alami Shura | Tongi Ijtema can be a terrible tragedy in history.

By Editor : Sheikh Zaman, New York.  

Completely two different groups of different views are in one stage for a big gathering.

Nizamuddin v. Alami Shura:

Who are the Nizamuddin?

The Tablighi Jama’at was founded in 1926 in Mewat, India, by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas, an Islamic scholar.

Tablighi centre and the de facto headquarters of the movement in the Indian capital Delhi Nizamuddin. Maulana Saad Kandhalvi it’s Amir. Maulana Saad Kandhalvi is the great-grandson of Maulana Muhammad Ilyas, the founder of the Tabligh movement and the grandson of its second ameer.

Tabligh’s roots pre-date the partition of South Asia — perhaps this is why it manages to attract hundreds of thousands of devotees to their Ijtema every year in Tongi (Bangladesh), Nizamuddin (India) and Raiwind (Pakistan). Not only has Tabligh weathered many storms during the 90-plus years of its history, it remains one of the fastest-growing religious movements whose influence has been felt across this country and indeed elsewhere too.

The Tabligh presents itself as a selfless, apolitical, multi-ethnic entity. Da’wah it’s main purposes. Da’wah encourages Muslims to train their thoughts on inner reform and spiritual cleansing. The notion of da’wah pervades most of the Muslim world as well as countries that have a significant Muslim populace.

It’s followers participate in its activities only on a part-time basis – and estimates range as widely as 80 million-120 million.

Who are the “Alami Sura”?

It is the rebel group escaping from Nizamuddin. Which was created in Pakistan Raiwind Markaz in the year of 2015. The key figure in the Aalmi Shura was mainly Pakistan-based and have set up their 13-member advisory council, It’s played out in public only recently.

It’s doesn’t have any Amir and don’t have any headquarters. But they try to capturer Raiwind Markaz, Pakistan and the very recent they announced, Nerul Markaz, Jama Masjid Rd, Vighnahar Co-Operative Housing Society, Sector 15, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706, India will be it’s headquarters.

Pakistan-Based “Alami Sura’s” have political purpose, the conflict of interest and the will of seizing power from Mainstream Tabligh.

To managed by Darul Uloom Deoband, they brought fatwa from Darul Uloom Deoband and accused World Tabligh Amir Maulana Saad of disrespecting the scholars and earlier prophets and putting forward “unacceptable” new interpretations of the concepts of the Quran and Sunnah. Although they could not prove any allegation against Maulana Sa’ad. They are deceiving Muslims by cutting down some statements of Maulana Saad. And they are using Deoband in this work.

Tongi Ijtema can be a terrible tragedy in history.

The Government of Bangladesh announced a date for forcefully uniting two opposing parties to make a national Ijtema (From February15-17, 2019). But in reality, it is not possible to put together of the two different groups in one place. This may be the BD Government’s immaturity, Or The Government trying to establish a special group.

Is it possible to make a very large gathering by combining two conflicting groups of different opinions at the same time in one place?

What could be the problem?

(1) Sabotage:

Since the Bangladesh government has banned the participation of Ijtema for the “Hefazat-e-Islam” and “Quami Madrasa” students, then a third party, including the banned group, could cause sabotage in such a big gathering.

Because the mainstream Tablighi followers, are very simplicity, so any spy of Pakistan’s “Alami Shura” could cause sabotage in such a big gathering.

Even an enemy party of the government can make the government in jeopardy by sabotaging the situation.

(2) Conflict:

The followers of “Nizamuddin” are truth and the followers of Pakistan-based “Alami Sura” are falsehood. So it’s the conflict of Truth with falsehood.

So the conflict between truth and false is inevitable.

(3) Confusion:

Since the followers of Nizamuddin have an Amir as their leader in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and there is no Amir of “Alami Shura”, they have no ability to obey one leader.

If there is no leadership, then there will be extreme chaos. As a result, a large assembly can become depleted.

(4) Final Dua:

Such a big gathering the final Dua has been arranged by the world Amir on the last day.

Meanwhile, there can be a final dispute with the special Dua of the last day.

(5) Nazam (Service):

A large gathering of the country. There are at least 54 types of services. Each service have an Amir, whom everyone obey. Because “Alami Shura” doesn’t have any Amir, how they will be provide services? Specially the Foreign Guest and their passport, money, security etc.

(6) Khitta’s Amir:

A large gathering of 64 districts of the country. There will be 64 Khitta (Zone) and some Foreign Guest Khitta. Each Khitta’s have an Amir. Everyone obey the Amir. Because “Alami Shura” doesn’t have any Amir, how they will obey an Amir?

(7) Space crisis:

For the past few years, World Ijtema has been organized in two phases. 64 districts of the country are divided into two parts.

Despite the lack of space, the traffic jam was tied in more than 20 miles area. In the absence of the place, the condition of the sanitation system also very poor and bad. Now, where will the people of 64 districts be?

(8) Final Mashawara and Decession:

This is the first intervention of any political government in the history of Ijtema.

Tabligh Jama’at have taken all decisions from their own Mashawara.

The World Amir would decide on how to work in all the countries, with the determination of the next World Ijtema date. If World Amir will not attend the upcoming Ijtema, who will be decided all those matters?

The first Ijtema was hijacked in the year of 2018. Since then, chaos continues. In the past, there was not a slight disturbance in the field of the world Ijtema. When the politics entered in Tabligh from “Alami Sura”, the beginning of the chaos started. Starts bleeding at the ground of Ijtema. The killers started killing innocent people of Tabligh Jama’at.

Many more bloodshed are waiting. The government’s must take proper steps.

If the government does not organize two different Ijtema for two different groups, the government will have to bear its responsibility.


The role of Pakistan’s highest Islamic scholars about Karachi upcoming Ijtema 2019 | What is the role of the so-called Islamic scholars of Bangladesh about upcoming Bangladesh Ijtema 2019?

Editorial : By Sheikh Zaman, New York, USA.

Karachi Tableghi Ijtema 2019 Update:

Karachi Tablighi Ijtema will start from 31st Jan 2019 after asar and dua will be held on 3rd Feb after asar. Ijtema Ground is almost ready.

Location : Orangni Town, Gulshan e bahar, Karachi, Pakistan.

The role of Pakistan’s highest Islamic scholars about Karachi Ijtema:

The annual three-day congregation of Tabligh Jamaat is set to start in Karachi’s Orangi Town on January 31, prominent Deobandi clerics from across the country gathered last week at the Jamia Daruluoom seminary to chalk out a strategy to save the Tabligh Jamaat from longstanding disputes that have split the apolitical and proselytising organisation in Bangladesh as well as Pakistan.

The Tabligh Jama’at, which concentrates on individual piety, has split in recent years over leadership issue, especially in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The differences among the leaders turned into violent clashes during Bangaldesh’s Bishwa Ijtema in early December over establishing dominance, killing several members and injuring hundreds others.

Showing their concerns over the situation the Tablighi Jamaat facing in specific countries and to save the organisation from such a situation in Pakistan, Mufti Rafi Usman, principal of the Jamia Darul Uloom seminary, convened a meeting to discuss the situation.

Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi’s Mufti Taqi Usmani, Darul Uloom Haqqani Nowshera’s Maulana Anwar ul Haq, Jamia tur Rasheed Karachi’s Mufti Abdul Rahim, Jamia Farooqi Karachi’s Maulana Dr Muhammad Adil, Jamai Binori Town’s Maulana Imadadullha, Jamia Binoria Karachi’s Maulana Noman Naeem and Darul Uloom Farooqia’s Maulana Qazi Abdul Rasheed were prominent among the clerics who attended the meeting.

The participants showed their concerns over the violent clashes in Tablighi Ijtima in Bangladesh and agreed to send a joint well-wishing message from the religious scholars to the Jamaat’s four centres in Pakistan.

They also said that they would play their role to save the organsiation from such a situation and continue their support and patronage of the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan. They also said that the organisation’s Pakistan leaders should become impartial in the crisis and not issue any statement in favour of any faction outside the country.

In a separate statement, Mufti Muhammad Naeem, the principal of the Jamia Binoria, demanded of the Sindh government to provide security to the gathering that would start on January 31 in Orangi Town nieghbourhood.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the three-day congregation that will end on February 3. Naeem also said that the provincial government should chalk out a plan for providing basic civic facilities, such as water and electricity, and transportation for the guests attending the congregation.

Most of the Islamic Scholars, are God fearing people and they teach and propagate the correct knowledge of Islam. It is because of them that we get the correct understanding of Islam and we should be very thankful to them. May Allah give them the best reward.

Photo Editor-20190130_165814.jpg

What is the role of the so-called Islamic scholars of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh government announced National Ijtema instead of Bishwa Ijtema. The upcoming Bangladesh National Ijtema will start from February 15-17, 2019. However, there is a doubt whether the Ijtema will be held at this time because of the country’s so-called Ulama.

The division of Muslim Ummah into various sects (FIRQAH) has caused so much grief that some time the concerned Muslims wonder what is wrong with us? At present, in many areas of the world the survival of Muslims is becoming very critical such as Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi so-called Ulama and Madrasah students are fighting against Muslims because of difference of opinions on very minor issues. It is a pity and sad.

Just because of some minor differences Bangladeshi Muslims are so deeply divided that most often they forget the actual problems of Muslim Ummah (nation). This is what Satan and enemies of Muslims want from Muslims.

The most unfortunate aspect of this division is that the people who claim that they have the knowledge of Islam such as Moulvees (Imams of Mosques) and Muslim scholars are responsible for this division. They are the one who dwell on these differences in every Jum’a speech (Khutba), in other speeches and in their writings. These religious scholars have turned away many Muslims from Mosques and confused them about Islamic beliefs. These religious scholars have influenced their followers so deep that these people do not hesitate to fight in side Mosques with other Muslims, declare other Muslims Kafir (non-believer), Mushrik (a person who finds partner for God) or Bid’atee (innovator in Islam).

May Allah protects us from such so-called Islamic scholar. Those who are involves with religious trade and politics.

The true Islamic scholars are the scholars of truth (Ulama-e-Haq) while, the scholars who has created this division are false scholars (Ulama-e-Soo).

Mosque in Zamboanga, Philippines grenade attack Update.

This mosque, where 40 day’s Tabligh Jama’at had slept during the incident.

The killing of two innocent Tabligh’s followers is not a planned murder. This is a racial riot. Which is a part of the injustice of the country’s minority Muslim community. This attack is not particularly against Tabligh.

Photo Editor-20190130_094623.jpg

[Picture of two martyrs (Tabligh’s followers)  in Philippines mosque]

The victims were reportedly sleeping inside the mosque at the time of the attack, which drew immediate condemnation from local officials

“There is no redeeming such blasphemous murder. It is the highest form of cowardice and obscenity to attack people who at prayer,” said regional leader Mujiv Hataman.

“We call on people of all faiths… to come together to pray for peace.”

The Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula condemned what it called a “devilish, irrational and inhumane act” and urged people to be vigilant.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

The news agency Reuters mentions that, “A grenade thrown into a mosque in Zamboanga, Philippines, on Wednesday (January 30) killed two people and wounded four others, prompting condemnation and calls for cool heads and unity among Christian and Muslim communities with a long history of peaceful coexistence.

The grenade incident came a few hours after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on television that an attack on a church that killed 21 people on mainly Muslim Jolo island on Sunday (January 27) may have involved a suicide bomber. Islamic State has claimed involvement in the church bombing, but the military believes it was the work of the Muslim militant Abu Sayyaf group.

The military has said it has identified several suspects and carried out an air strike on Jolo on Tuesday (January 29) on an undisclosed target. Local media also broadcast video it said showed soldiers firing artillery rounds towards the house of one of the church bombing suspects.

Defence minister Delfin Lorenzana said there was no connection between the church bombs and the mosque attack.”

Four men who appeared in CCTV footage of the Jolo cathedral bombing have come forward to clear their names before the police.

Authorities pointed out four men in the videos, whose behavior they said was suspicious.

The four men were declared persons of interest for possibly being connected to the bombing.

After hours of processing, the Sulu Provincial Police Chief was convinced the two are innocent and that they are not members of Ajang-ajang as they originally suspected.

The two were then removed from the list of persons of interest.

By Wednesday afternoon, the two other men in the video came forward voluntarily. They were later cleared by the police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

But, there is no progress in the investigation of the Grenade attack in the mosque. There is no arrest till now.

It is to be noted that the two martyrs was the followers of Nizamuddin Markaz and was in a 40 day’s Jama’at.

Dhaka Ijtema Update | The consultation meeting today in Nizamuddin Markaz.

It has become very difficult to make sure that there will be Ijtema in Bangladesh. Either It’s National Ijtema or World Ijtema. Although, the Government of Bangladesh announced a date for forcefully uniting two opposing parties to make a national Ijtema (From February15-17 2019).  But in reality, it is not possible to put together of the two different groups in one place. This may be the Government’s immaturity. Or Government trying to establish a special group.

In this situation, Mainstream Tabligh’s elders are now in Delhi Nizamuddin to decide whether to take part in Ijtema in conjunction with militant Hefazat groups under the Pakistani Alami Sura.

To take a decision on this matter, a delegation from Dhaka will hold meetings with Maulana Sa’ad today.

The consultation meeting today in Nizamuddin Markaz with World Amir Maulana Sa’ad. Dhaka Kakrail Sura Sayed Wasiful Islam is leading the delegation of Bangladesh. The delegation included Maulana Ashraf Ali, Mufti Ataur Rahman and others.

Tongi Ijtema Update | The Planned and deep plot of “Alami Shura” with Bangladesh Ijtema.

The 8-point decision of the Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs meeting is not being implemented. But the implementation of the 8-point decision of Pakistan’s “Alami Shura” is being implemented.

From the very beginning it was assumed that the World Ijtema has been hijacked as of last 2018. Which was done last year with the help of militant groups “Hefazat-e-Islam”. And at that time the Government of Bangladesh was silent. Last year Nizamuddin’s Jama’at and World Amir Maulana Saad D.B. were detained in the Kakrail mosque after the excuse of law and order situation. The militant group ” Hefazat-e-Islam” publicly implemented the “Alami Shura” agenda that year.

But this year the BD Government announced that some parties including “Hefazat-e-Islam” will not be able to coax themselves into Tabligh’s work. On 23rd January 2019 Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs held meeting and decided 8-point agenda for upcoming Ijtema :

1) Ijtema Date- 15, 16, 17 February, 2019.

(2) There will be no advisor in between Tabligh (like Hefazat-e-Islam, Dawatul Haque, BEFAQ, Ulama group etc). Only 4 High profile persons-Home Minister, Religious Minister, Religious Secretary, and MSPM will be interfere, if any problem arises.

(3) Nizamuddin Jamat will come, both group guests will come. But the Ijtema will be conduct according the previous guidelines (Nizamuddin Guidelines).

(4) Any foreign host can participate in Ijtema. But if there is a fear of deterioration of law and order situation in the safety of a particular person, then it is different from the case.

(5) In that case, if Maulana Sa’ad D.B. doesn’t come, then no one would be brought to Ijtema either Maulana Ahmad Lat Sab or Ibrahim Deola Sab.

(6) Nizamuddin Sura Syed Wasiful Islam and Alami Sura Maulana Zubayer will jointly conduct Ijtema. Both will be the Faisal.

(7) Religious Secretary will deliver official message to the whole country’s DC and SP. So that nobody including “Alami Sura and Hefazat-e–Islam” never make any problem for Mainstream Tabligh.

(8) Religious Minister will visit to Nizamuddin as soon as possible to convince Maulana Saad. So that Maulana Sa’ad agree on all decisions.

But, this year, “Hefazat-e-Islam”, “Dawatul Haque”, and “BEFAQ” controlling the World Ijtema in different strategies from behind the scenes. This year, they are working to implement the “Alami Shura” agenda by managing the Bangladesh Government.

This comment came before the meeting. Hefazat leader before well known about Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs meeting decession.


Maulana Mamunul Huq ( Top Hefazat Leader) mentioned on his Facebook page at 11.18 am on January 21 2019, “Those who had hoped to work on the field after the Fajr, they did not know that the work ended before dawn.

Those who had hoped, the Home Minister or the Religious Minister’s would be favorable, they did not know, where and how the pressure came. They do not have the ability to handle the pressure”.

At the end of the BD Government’s pressure, the mainstream of the non-violent Tabligh’s brother accepted the sacrifice.

Simple, straightforward, religion-loving people of mainstream Tabligh believe in the 8th points and agreed with Government Proposal. They believe in “Alami Sura” leader Qari Zubayer. But what he is doing now? He already starting implementation of the 8-point decision of Pakistan’s “Alami Shura” agenda that being implemented.

This is the 8- Point Alami Sura Raiwind Ijtema’s Agenda: (November 05, 2017). Document attached:

For the readers better understanding from the attaches document.

“In Itjimas and Jors taking place in various countries, the local responsible brother should be made the faysal for the mashwara. Jamaats from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh participating in these gatherings may express their opinions.”

After then he didn’t stop there. On part of the Implementation (Alami Sura Agenda) as a Faisal, he issued a controversial letter to the whole world (around 230 country’s) for the visa without consultation with another Fisal Sayed Wasiful Islam.

This is the letter : On the letter he mentioned some controversial lines in Block letter that is not proper and against the BD Government 8-Points decision. It is also against the guidelines of Nizamuddin. It is the Conflict of Truth with falsehood. So it is very clear there will be no World Ijtema in Bangladesh from 15-17 February 2019. It will be the 1st Bangladesh National Ijtema. And this is the Planned and deep plot of  “Alami Shura” with Bangladesh Ijtema. Now we have to think about that what will be our future work. May Allah protect us and guide us.

This is the controversial part from this letter:

“It was decided that Tongi ljitema 2019 wll be held inbetween 1S to Fabruary 2019 lt will be the only iitema for this year. It was also decided in a combine meeting with government of Bangladesh, Olama of Bangladesh, Surah-e nezam elders and sagsi nezam leader that Mau Sad Sh wll not attend in this ijtema.Our Bangladesh surah will be faysal for tongi ijtema maswara .Insallah government wll be issued circular for tongi ijtema visa requirement vary soon.”

World Ijtema Dhaka about going to ruin forever | The Government of Bangladesh has declared the World Ijtema as a National Ijtema.

World Ijtema Dhaka about going to ruin forever.

The Government of Bangladesh has declared the “World Ijtema” as a “National Ijtema”. The upcoming (15-17 February 2019) Ijtema is going to lose its “World Ijtema” flavors.

Deoband’s role today is controversial around the world. On one hand, Deoband’s role in dividing the Muslim Ummah. On the other hand, the main role of the destruction of Tabligh Jama’at and the World Ijtema, Bangladesh. Deoband’s Madani Families and Alami Sura’s dirty politics ruined the flavours of World Ijtema. Tabligh Jama’at now victimizes by Deoband’s dirty politics. Because of this, the World Ijtema in Bangladesh is going to be destroyed today.

The Tabligh Jama’at is thought to be one of the World’s largest religious movements. Tabligh Jama’at annual gatherings is held in Bangladesh. Its followers around the world participate in its activities only on a part-time basis – and estimates range as widely as 80 million-120 million. The Mainstream Tabligh Jama’at work situation in Bangladesh day by day going to be more complicated.

Today’s Religious Affairs Ministry meeting has been held in connection with Tabligh Jama’at upcoming World Ijtema. Nizamuddin Sura Syed Wasiful Islam, Bhai Nasim, Kari Zubayer, Maulana Omar Faruque was present in the meeting. The Religious affairs minister’s statement is that, if any outside guest join Ijtema and for that there is a fear of deterioration in the law and order situation, he will not be able to participate in Ijtema. In the last year 2018 of World Ijtema, we saw the influence of Militants Hefazat-e-Islam to prevent Maulana Saad. Now the Government will be able to protect Maulana Saad this year?


Like the recently concluded parliamentary elections, the BD Government is controlling the world Ijtema. Tabligh Jama’at central Markaz Nizamuddin used to control “World Ijtema” as well as all the Ijtema around the world. This is the 1st time in history any political Government involved with it and forced to follow the political government decision. So that upcoming Ijtema will be the 1st National Ijtema in Bangladesh.

Breaking News! World Ijtema is heading towards the National Ijtema

The ministry of Religious Affairs meeting began today at 3pm. Meeting still running.

Nizamuddin Sura Syed Wasiful Islam, Bhai Nasim, Kari Jubayer, Maulana Omar Faruque are present in the meeting.

Some decision taken:

(1) Ijtema Date- 15, 16, 17 February, 2019.

(2) Will be no advisor in between Tabligh (like Hefazat, Ulama group etc). Will be only 4 person- Home Minister, Rel Min., Rel Sec and MSPM.

(3) Nizamuddin Jamat will come, both group guests will come.

(4) If Mawlana Saad not come, Ahmed Laat and Ibrahim Dewla will not come.

(5) Syed Wasif and Mawlana Jubair will conduct Ijtema.

(6) Religious Secretary will say to whole country DC and SP- nobody will make any problem for Tabligh.

(7) Religious Minister will go to Nizamuddin soonest possible to convince Mawlana Saad to do agree on all decisions.

The meetings have been imposed on some mess. It’s completely against the Tartib of Nizamuddin.

More details are coming soon.


Bangladesh Ijtema instead of World Ijtema.

Photo Editor-20190123_073842.jpg

Bangladesh Government’s recently concluded 11th parliamentary elections and the upcoming World Ijtema 2019 gave the same shape.

World Ijtema 2019 is going to organize the same drama that the Government had done about the 11th Parliament Election.

“In today’s meeting it was decided that the Biswa Ijtema will be held in Tongi in February. The two factions jointly will organize the second largest congregation of the Muslims after Hajj,” said the minister.

Two factions of the Tabligh Jamaat-one led by Sayed Wasiful Islam and other by Moulana Zubair–were present at the meeting where everyone spoke openly and it came out successful, he added.

“But how and when the gathering will be held will be decided in another meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at Religious Affairs ministry at 10:30am,” he added.

Responding to a question from a journalist, the minister said that a decision was made that Maulana Saad, The World Amir will not join Ijtema this time.

When asked about how many phases of the Ijtema will be held this year, the minister said, “It will also be decided in tomorrow’s meeting.”

Meanwhile, State Minister for Religious Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah said that Ijtema will be held once in a year and unitedly.

“No separate Ijtema will be held. The clashes those happened across the country are not desirable at all,” he added.

The government of Bangladesh has regulated the World Ijtema with the force. As the Government did in the Eleventh parliament elections last few weeks ago. The government made fooling the world as it said that the parliamentary elections were neutral. By breaking the World Markaz Nizamuddin’s rules, the Government is going to organize the Ijtema. Where there will be no World Tabligh Amir. So how this Ijtema will be the “World Ijtema”?


Raiwand Markaz, Pakistan update

Raiwand update : January 16, 2019 

Shaikh Mufti Mohammed Taqi Uthmani arrived in Raiwand this morning with a delegation of 25 Ulama including ML Fazl Raheem from Jamiah Ashrafiyah Lahore.

Mufti Taqi Osmani at Raiwand Markaz

The “middle unauthorised team” of Raiwand wasted time showing them around the kitchen etc as if it was a casual visit. They were not taken to meet ML Nazrur Rahman and technically they gave the clearest picture to the Ulama of no obedience of Ameer or the officail Shura of Raiwand.

Once they sat down Mufti Taqi sb initially made it clear that “do not get the wrong impression and start propagating that we are here to support you or your stance but rather we are here to help reconcile between you and Nizamuddin”.

He gave them Nasihat and confirmed that he will visit Nizamuddin Markaz and there is no need to go Deoband as this is an internal matter between them and Nizamuddin.

Ml Fazl Raheem raised concerns about anti ML Saad literature which he described as “khabees” and that it must stop.

Towards the end of the Majlis or possibly after taking 4 Sathis (molvi Khursheed and Ziya etc in a seperate room) they were asked “are the Mewatis with you specially the family of Miah Ji Mohammed (who donated the Raiwand land) to which molvi Ziya very confidently said yes they are all with us. One wise Young Alim in the delegation asked why don’t we ask the Mewatis themselves.

After calling the Mewatis in to everyone’s surprise the Mewatis said “we are with Nizamuddin and will remain with them. We are not with these people in Raiwand”

It was on this occasion that Molvi Ziya panicked and said to Mufti Taqi you focus on Fatwa work and let us concentrate on Admin work.

Subhanallah the colors of these people was evidently visible to the Ulama. Mufti Taqi then told the Ulama look at this contradiction and see how even an Aalim can go this far to misrepresent facts.

Note and Some Explanation : 

★★ Ml Fazl Raheem raised concerns about anti ML Saad literature which he described as “khabees” and that it must stop. This is must be underlined properly, especially who have capability to write. Using of any literatures should not be distorted to the Non Nizamuddin version only, because there are still living witnesses of Nizamuddin’s members (not only who left Nizamuddin) whose testimony may was not written in the literatures to be used as a reference on writing a book/kitaab.

★★ In addition to the above message, it is well known that the Mewatis are not with the Non Nizamuddin (Alami Shura) conspirators. Note the issues surrounding Raiwind ijtema where the Mewatis were not allowed to see anyone in Raiwind markaz controlled by alami shura even after waiting the whole day. And more recently a few days ago Mewatis started gathering in Raiwind markaz to seek clarification, hopeful that Raiwind returns under the guidance of Nizamuddin markaz. So, if anyone try to seek just based on Non Nizamuddin without seeking others source, he may end in conclution to accept Non Nizamuddin version.

★★ Any updates (or its could called as their propaganda) based on Non Nizamuddin version regarding this ongoing progress, not to ignore it but try to seek the truth between 2 version, carefully. Feel the difference of two version, by your self.




Pakistan Raiwind Markaz update

(1) Peshawar Markaz Update: On January 8, 2019

A specail delegation from Raiwand has arrived in Peshawar Markaz for the Tuesday Mashwarah consisting of Maulana Ijaz, Hakeem Akram and Maulana Saed. They reassured the seniors in Peshawar that Maulana Nazru Rahman is the Ameer and spoke privately with Shahid sb who is the Ameer of Peshawar. Allah knows best as to what message they are spreading privately. We hope the re-connection to Nizamuddin is made sooner.

(2) Emergency crisis alert Raiwand Markaz: On January 9, 2019

The first officail message from one of the many victims (Qari Amir Ali sha former teacher of Raiwand) of the Raiwand torture chamber run by Molvi Faheem , Molvi Suhail (ML Ihsan family) and Financed through Yameen and Batla of Karachi has triggered a huge crisis in Raiwand.

This torture sell known as “Jamaat Abu Jandal” has been torturing innnocent sathis and Muqimeens over the years within Raiwand Markaz and will no longer be accepted.

Alhamdulillah the Mewatis , Pathans , and all the Halqas of Pakistan from Rawalpindi to Peshawar, Multan and Karachi have now declared a state of emergency to clear up Raiwand from these evil “thugs” who have no right to remain in Raiwand a day longer.

An international inquiry via the government of Pakistan with the corporation of the Pakistani Army and the chief Justice of Pakistan will be petitioned as soon as possible. The land of Raiwand which was donated by a Mewati for the purpose of opening a branch of Nizamuddin Markaz after the approval of Hazratji Ml Yusuf Ra may now become the subject of a legal inquiry for misuse of charity land.

Some hope was gained recently after Raiwand finally sent a letter to Nizamuddin after weeks of pressure mounted upon them from Lahore and Qusoor. However nothing can be trusted until they openly announce and go all over the world to clean up the mess they have created before anyone can take them seriously inside Pakistan let alone the rest of the world.

Meanwhile it seems that the likes of Yameen and Batla (nobody has ever heard of this character best described as a Karachi Banya) are still trying their best to gather support to let them remain in Raiwand .Yameen returned from Makkah after spreading his mischief over there and Balta returns to give hope to the last remaining Banyas of London. Molvi Batla is being being described as the no 2 in Raiwand but is he really as credible as the Banyas are trying to make him look. Will this no 2 totally get ousted and the plan of Yameen to hold onto Raiwand finally come to an end.

For the Banyas money and power and foreign trips bring confused results but for the true Ummati the work with complete reliance on Allah’s ghaibi madad works.

Just yesterday the grandson of our late Dadabhai from South Africa (who was spending a year) got a 2 hour lesson in Multan Markaz on the importance of Nizamuddin and Ita-at of one Ameer.

Alhamdulillah Raiwand Muqeemeen are updating us of good Dialogue with Nizamuddin and Ulama that have graduated from Raiwand are going to Nizamuddin to spend time which is now visibly evident to everyone out there.

(3) Groundbreaking updates from Raiwand, Karachi and elsewhere:
On January 14, 2019

The national Mashwarah of Pakistan has “kicked off on January 14, 2019” in an extremely tensed and security tight environment after thousands of Mewatis from all over Pakistan alongside Sathis from Lahore , Qasur, Multan ,Rawalpindi and Ulama from Wazirastan have turned for an update on the decision taken by the Raiwand Shura to reconnect to Nizamuddin unconditionally. They have made it clear that Faheem, Saleem ,Yameen, Nadeem and their associates must vacate Raiwand and under no circumstances will they be permitted to represent Raiwand a day longer.

Meanwhile Molvi Batla who according to Raiwand was supposedly gone for Umrah is making his last ditched attempt to give false hope to the Uks Blackburn Factory movement. In his recent narrative in Liecester new twists including the final open public confession that Haji Sb ra never called the 2015 blunder a formation of Aalami Shura. Fresh claims (previously unheard of) were made about Hafiz sb ra sending letters to Raiwand prior to this 2015 blunder were also made. Batlas advice was not to talk about this issue but he himself was guilty of talking about this issue unnecessarily. The usual talk about Haji Sb to gain some authority was evident but after the clean up in Raiwand it seems obvious that this rhetoric is history.

Dhaka to Deoband:

Meanwhile a delegation from Bangladesh is on its way to visit Deoband for the second time to set the record straight on the double game of the Madnis who are now fully on the verge of exposure for their involvement in the violence in Bangladesh in which two innocent Tablighis (not molvis as falsely being propagated ) lost their lives. Most people don’t have any hope on the current regime inside Deoband but after a 4 hour meeting in Karachi this morning it seems like the Ulama of Pakistan will finally strike the true balance according to the authentic legacy of Ulamae Deoband by following the footsteps of the late Hazrat Maulana Saleem Ullah khan ra.

Karachi to Nizamuddin:

Hazrat Mufti Taqi Uthmani has chaired an emergency meeting to help reconcile between all the parties. He is the leading scholarly authority of the Muslim Ummah (described as a walking and talking Deoband) to overlook a final attempt to resolve this issue. The Thanwis are known for their scholarly balance and chanda free mindset and it seems optimistically obvious that Deoband will be overshadowed unless it retracts it’s historic blunder. Only time will tell. Allah is indeed the best of planners.

(4) Raiwand update: On January 15, 2019

Mewatis give Raiwand Shura final ultimatum.

Pakistan Raiwind Markaz update

★★★★★Remove the following :

1.Molvi Faheem
2.Molvi Suhail
3.Dr Nadeem
6.Molvi Khursheed
7.Molvi Batla
8.Molvi Suhail
9.Molvi Iftikhar

★★★★★Declare Raiwand as a branch of Nizamuddin

★★★★★Declare Maulana Saad as your Ameer

★★★★★We want a decision in days enough is enough

★★★★★You have Agents of the Yahood who have crossed the limit by sending fake intelligence officers to Colonel Mohammed Ali house to threaten him and his family.

★★★★★If the above are not implemented then empty the land of Raiwand as it’s been donated by Mewatis for Tabligh under Nizamuddin.


Mufti Taqi Uthmani is on his way to Raiwand alongside a delegation of Ulama.