Nizamuddin v. Alami Shura | Tongi Ijtema can be a terrible tragedy in history.

By Editor : Sheikh Zaman, New York.  

Completely two different groups of different views are in one stage for a big gathering.

Nizamuddin v. Alami Shura:

Who are the Nizamuddin?

The Tablighi Jama’at was founded in 1926 in Mewat, India, by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas, an Islamic scholar.

Tablighi centre and the de facto headquarters of the movement in the Indian capital Delhi Nizamuddin. Maulana Saad Kandhalvi it’s Amir. Maulana Saad Kandhalvi is the great-grandson of Maulana Muhammad Ilyas, the founder of the Tabligh movement and the grandson of its second ameer.

Tabligh’s roots pre-date the partition of South Asia — perhaps this is why it manages to attract hundreds of thousands of devotees to their Ijtema every year in Tongi (Bangladesh), Nizamuddin (India) and Raiwind (Pakistan). Not only has Tabligh weathered many storms during the 90-plus years of its history, it remains one of the fastest-growing religious movements whose influence has been felt across this country and indeed elsewhere too.

The Tabligh presents itself as a selfless, apolitical, multi-ethnic entity. Da’wah it’s main purposes. Da’wah encourages Muslims to train their thoughts on inner reform and spiritual cleansing. The notion of da’wah pervades most of the Muslim world as well as countries that have a significant Muslim populace.

It’s followers participate in its activities only on a part-time basis – and estimates range as widely as 80 million-120 million.

Who are the “Alami Sura”?

It is the rebel group escaping from Nizamuddin. Which was created in Pakistan Raiwind Markaz in the year of 2015. The key figure in the Aalmi Shura was mainly Pakistan-based and have set up their 13-member advisory council, It’s played out in public only recently.

It’s doesn’t have any Amir and don’t have any headquarters. But they try to capturer Raiwind Markaz, Pakistan and the very recent they announced, Nerul Markaz, Jama Masjid Rd, Vighnahar Co-Operative Housing Society, Sector 15, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706, India will be it’s headquarters.

Pakistan-Based “Alami Sura’s” have political purpose, the conflict of interest and the will of seizing power from Mainstream Tabligh.

To managed by Darul Uloom Deoband, they brought fatwa from Darul Uloom Deoband and accused World Tabligh Amir Maulana Saad of disrespecting the scholars and earlier prophets and putting forward “unacceptable” new interpretations of the concepts of the Quran and Sunnah. Although they could not prove any allegation against Maulana Sa’ad. They are deceiving Muslims by cutting down some statements of Maulana Saad. And they are using Deoband in this work.

Tongi Ijtema can be a terrible tragedy in history.

The Government of Bangladesh announced a date for forcefully uniting two opposing parties to make a national Ijtema (From February15-17, 2019). But in reality, it is not possible to put together of the two different groups in one place. This may be the BD Government’s immaturity, Or The Government trying to establish a special group.

Is it possible to make a very large gathering by combining two conflicting groups of different opinions at the same time in one place?

What could be the problem?

(1) Sabotage:

Since the Bangladesh government has banned the participation of Ijtema for the “Hefazat-e-Islam” and “Quami Madrasa” students, then a third party, including the banned group, could cause sabotage in such a big gathering.

Because the mainstream Tablighi followers, are very simplicity, so any spy of Pakistan’s “Alami Shura” could cause sabotage in such a big gathering.

Even an enemy party of the government can make the government in jeopardy by sabotaging the situation.

(2) Conflict:

The followers of “Nizamuddin” are truth and the followers of Pakistan-based “Alami Sura” are falsehood. So it’s the conflict of Truth with falsehood.

So the conflict between truth and false is inevitable.

(3) Confusion:

Since the followers of Nizamuddin have an Amir as their leader in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and there is no Amir of “Alami Shura”, they have no ability to obey one leader.

If there is no leadership, then there will be extreme chaos. As a result, a large assembly can become depleted.

(4) Final Dua:

Such a big gathering the final Dua has been arranged by the world Amir on the last day.

Meanwhile, there can be a final dispute with the special Dua of the last day.

(5) Nazam (Service):

A large gathering of the country. There are at least 54 types of services. Each service have an Amir, whom everyone obey. Because “Alami Shura” doesn’t have any Amir, how they will be provide services? Specially the Foreign Guest and their passport, money, security etc.

(6) Khitta’s Amir:

A large gathering of 64 districts of the country. There will be 64 Khitta (Zone) and some Foreign Guest Khitta. Each Khitta’s have an Amir. Everyone obey the Amir. Because “Alami Shura” doesn’t have any Amir, how they will obey an Amir?

(7) Space crisis:

For the past few years, World Ijtema has been organized in two phases. 64 districts of the country are divided into two parts.

Despite the lack of space, the traffic jam was tied in more than 20 miles area. In the absence of the place, the condition of the sanitation system also very poor and bad. Now, where will the people of 64 districts be?

(8) Final Mashawara and Decession:

This is the first intervention of any political government in the history of Ijtema.

Tabligh Jama’at have taken all decisions from their own Mashawara.

The World Amir would decide on how to work in all the countries, with the determination of the next World Ijtema date. If World Amir will not attend the upcoming Ijtema, who will be decided all those matters?

The first Ijtema was hijacked in the year of 2018. Since then, chaos continues. In the past, there was not a slight disturbance in the field of the world Ijtema. When the politics entered in Tabligh from “Alami Sura”, the beginning of the chaos started. Starts bleeding at the ground of Ijtema. The killers started killing innocent people of Tabligh Jama’at.

Many more bloodshed are waiting. The government’s must take proper steps.

If the government does not organize two different Ijtema for two different groups, the government will have to bear its responsibility.


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