The role of Pakistan’s highest Islamic scholars about Karachi upcoming Ijtema 2019 | What is the role of the so-called Islamic scholars of Bangladesh about upcoming Bangladesh Ijtema 2019?

Editorial : By Sheikh Zaman, New York, USA.

Karachi Tableghi Ijtema 2019 Update:

Karachi Tablighi Ijtema will start from 31st Jan 2019 after asar and dua will be held on 3rd Feb after asar. Ijtema Ground is almost ready.

Location : Orangni Town, Gulshan e bahar, Karachi, Pakistan.

The role of Pakistan’s highest Islamic scholars about Karachi Ijtema:

The annual three-day congregation of Tabligh Jamaat is set to start in Karachi’s Orangi Town on January 31, prominent Deobandi clerics from across the country gathered last week at the Jamia Daruluoom seminary to chalk out a strategy to save the Tabligh Jamaat from longstanding disputes that have split the apolitical and proselytising organisation in Bangladesh as well as Pakistan.

The Tabligh Jama’at, which concentrates on individual piety, has split in recent years over leadership issue, especially in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The differences among the leaders turned into violent clashes during Bangaldesh’s Bishwa Ijtema in early December over establishing dominance, killing several members and injuring hundreds others.

Showing their concerns over the situation the Tablighi Jamaat facing in specific countries and to save the organisation from such a situation in Pakistan, Mufti Rafi Usman, principal of the Jamia Darul Uloom seminary, convened a meeting to discuss the situation.

Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi’s Mufti Taqi Usmani, Darul Uloom Haqqani Nowshera’s Maulana Anwar ul Haq, Jamia tur Rasheed Karachi’s Mufti Abdul Rahim, Jamia Farooqi Karachi’s Maulana Dr Muhammad Adil, Jamai Binori Town’s Maulana Imadadullha, Jamia Binoria Karachi’s Maulana Noman Naeem and Darul Uloom Farooqia’s Maulana Qazi Abdul Rasheed were prominent among the clerics who attended the meeting.

The participants showed their concerns over the violent clashes in Tablighi Ijtima in Bangladesh and agreed to send a joint well-wishing message from the religious scholars to the Jamaat’s four centres in Pakistan.

They also said that they would play their role to save the organsiation from such a situation and continue their support and patronage of the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan. They also said that the organisation’s Pakistan leaders should become impartial in the crisis and not issue any statement in favour of any faction outside the country.

In a separate statement, Mufti Muhammad Naeem, the principal of the Jamia Binoria, demanded of the Sindh government to provide security to the gathering that would start on January 31 in Orangi Town nieghbourhood.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the three-day congregation that will end on February 3. Naeem also said that the provincial government should chalk out a plan for providing basic civic facilities, such as water and electricity, and transportation for the guests attending the congregation.

Most of the Islamic Scholars, are God fearing people and they teach and propagate the correct knowledge of Islam. It is because of them that we get the correct understanding of Islam and we should be very thankful to them. May Allah give them the best reward.

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What is the role of the so-called Islamic scholars of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh government announced National Ijtema instead of Bishwa Ijtema. The upcoming Bangladesh National Ijtema will start from February 15-17, 2019. However, there is a doubt whether the Ijtema will be held at this time because of the country’s so-called Ulama.

The division of Muslim Ummah into various sects (FIRQAH) has caused so much grief that some time the concerned Muslims wonder what is wrong with us? At present, in many areas of the world the survival of Muslims is becoming very critical such as Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi so-called Ulama and Madrasah students are fighting against Muslims because of difference of opinions on very minor issues. It is a pity and sad.

Just because of some minor differences Bangladeshi Muslims are so deeply divided that most often they forget the actual problems of Muslim Ummah (nation). This is what Satan and enemies of Muslims want from Muslims.

The most unfortunate aspect of this division is that the people who claim that they have the knowledge of Islam such as Moulvees (Imams of Mosques) and Muslim scholars are responsible for this division. They are the one who dwell on these differences in every Jum’a speech (Khutba), in other speeches and in their writings. These religious scholars have turned away many Muslims from Mosques and confused them about Islamic beliefs. These religious scholars have influenced their followers so deep that these people do not hesitate to fight in side Mosques with other Muslims, declare other Muslims Kafir (non-believer), Mushrik (a person who finds partner for God) or Bid’atee (innovator in Islam).

May Allah protects us from such so-called Islamic scholar. Those who are involves with religious trade and politics.

The true Islamic scholars are the scholars of truth (Ulama-e-Haq) while, the scholars who has created this division are false scholars (Ulama-e-Soo).


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