Tongi Ijtema Update | The Planned and deep plot of “Alami Shura” with Bangladesh Ijtema.

The 8-point decision of the Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs meeting is not being implemented. But the implementation of the 8-point decision of Pakistan’s “Alami Shura” is being implemented.

From the very beginning it was assumed that the World Ijtema has been hijacked as of last 2018. Which was done last year with the help of militant groups “Hefazat-e-Islam”. And at that time the Government of Bangladesh was silent. Last year Nizamuddin’s Jama’at and World Amir Maulana Saad D.B. were detained in the Kakrail mosque after the excuse of law and order situation. The militant group ” Hefazat-e-Islam” publicly implemented the “Alami Shura” agenda that year.

But this year the BD Government announced that some parties including “Hefazat-e-Islam” will not be able to coax themselves into Tabligh’s work. On 23rd January 2019 Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs held meeting and decided 8-point agenda for upcoming Ijtema :

1) Ijtema Date- 15, 16, 17 February, 2019.

(2) There will be no advisor in between Tabligh (like Hefazat-e-Islam, Dawatul Haque, BEFAQ, Ulama group etc). Only 4 High profile persons-Home Minister, Religious Minister, Religious Secretary, and MSPM will be interfere, if any problem arises.

(3) Nizamuddin Jamat will come, both group guests will come. But the Ijtema will be conduct according the previous guidelines (Nizamuddin Guidelines).

(4) Any foreign host can participate in Ijtema. But if there is a fear of deterioration of law and order situation in the safety of a particular person, then it is different from the case.

(5) In that case, if Maulana Sa’ad D.B. doesn’t come, then no one would be brought to Ijtema either Maulana Ahmad Lat Sab or Ibrahim Deola Sab.

(6) Nizamuddin Sura Syed Wasiful Islam and Alami Sura Maulana Zubayer will jointly conduct Ijtema. Both will be the Faisal.

(7) Religious Secretary will deliver official message to the whole country’s DC and SP. So that nobody including “Alami Sura and Hefazat-e–Islam” never make any problem for Mainstream Tabligh.

(8) Religious Minister will visit to Nizamuddin as soon as possible to convince Maulana Saad. So that Maulana Sa’ad agree on all decisions.

But, this year, “Hefazat-e-Islam”, “Dawatul Haque”, and “BEFAQ” controlling the World Ijtema in different strategies from behind the scenes. This year, they are working to implement the “Alami Shura” agenda by managing the Bangladesh Government.

This comment came before the meeting. Hefazat leader before well known about Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs meeting decession.


Maulana Mamunul Huq ( Top Hefazat Leader) mentioned on his Facebook page at 11.18 am on January 21 2019, “Those who had hoped to work on the field after the Fajr, they did not know that the work ended before dawn.

Those who had hoped, the Home Minister or the Religious Minister’s would be favorable, they did not know, where and how the pressure came. They do not have the ability to handle the pressure”.

At the end of the BD Government’s pressure, the mainstream of the non-violent Tabligh’s brother accepted the sacrifice.

Simple, straightforward, religion-loving people of mainstream Tabligh believe in the 8th points and agreed with Government Proposal. They believe in “Alami Sura” leader Qari Zubayer. But what he is doing now? He already starting implementation of the 8-point decision of Pakistan’s “Alami Shura” agenda that being implemented.

This is the 8- Point Alami Sura Raiwind Ijtema’s Agenda: (November 05, 2017). Document attached:

For the readers better understanding from the attaches document.

“In Itjimas and Jors taking place in various countries, the local responsible brother should be made the faysal for the mashwara. Jamaats from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh participating in these gatherings may express their opinions.”

After then he didn’t stop there. On part of the Implementation (Alami Sura Agenda) as a Faisal, he issued a controversial letter to the whole world (around 230 country’s) for the visa without consultation with another Fisal Sayed Wasiful Islam.

This is the letter : On the letter he mentioned some controversial lines in Block letter that is not proper and against the BD Government 8-Points decision. It is also against the guidelines of Nizamuddin. It is the Conflict of Truth with falsehood. So it is very clear there will be no World Ijtema in Bangladesh from 15-17 February 2019. It will be the 1st Bangladesh National Ijtema. And this is the Planned and deep plot of  “Alami Shura” with Bangladesh Ijtema. Now we have to think about that what will be our future work. May Allah protect us and guide us.

This is the controversial part from this letter:

“It was decided that Tongi ljitema 2019 wll be held inbetween 1S to Fabruary 2019 lt will be the only iitema for this year. It was also decided in a combine meeting with government of Bangladesh, Olama of Bangladesh, Surah-e nezam elders and sagsi nezam leader that Mau Sad Sh wll not attend in this ijtema.Our Bangladesh surah will be faysal for tongi ijtema maswara .Insallah government wll be issued circular for tongi ijtema visa requirement vary soon.”


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