World Ijtema Dhaka about going to ruin forever | The Government of Bangladesh has declared the World Ijtema as a National Ijtema.

World Ijtema Dhaka about going to ruin forever.

The Government of Bangladesh has declared the “World Ijtema” as a “National Ijtema”. The upcoming (15-17 February 2019) Ijtema is going to lose its “World Ijtema” flavors.

Deoband’s role today is controversial around the world. On one hand, Deoband’s role in dividing the Muslim Ummah. On the other hand, the main role of the destruction of Tabligh Jama’at and the World Ijtema, Bangladesh. Deoband’s Madani Families and Alami Sura’s dirty politics ruined the flavours of World Ijtema. Tabligh Jama’at now victimizes by Deoband’s dirty politics. Because of this, the World Ijtema in Bangladesh is going to be destroyed today.

The Tabligh Jama’at is thought to be one of the World’s largest religious movements. Tabligh Jama’at annual gatherings is held in Bangladesh. Its followers around the world participate in its activities only on a part-time basis – and estimates range as widely as 80 million-120 million. The Mainstream Tabligh Jama’at work situation in Bangladesh day by day going to be more complicated.

Today’s Religious Affairs Ministry meeting has been held in connection with Tabligh Jama’at upcoming World Ijtema. Nizamuddin Sura Syed Wasiful Islam, Bhai Nasim, Kari Zubayer, Maulana Omar Faruque was present in the meeting. The Religious affairs minister’s statement is that, if any outside guest join Ijtema and for that there is a fear of deterioration in the law and order situation, he will not be able to participate in Ijtema. In the last year 2018 of World Ijtema, we saw the influence of Militants Hefazat-e-Islam to prevent Maulana Saad. Now the Government will be able to protect Maulana Saad this year?


Like the recently concluded parliamentary elections, the BD Government is controlling the world Ijtema. Tabligh Jama’at central Markaz Nizamuddin used to control “World Ijtema” as well as all the Ijtema around the world. This is the 1st time in history any political Government involved with it and forced to follow the political government decision. So that upcoming Ijtema will be the 1st National Ijtema in Bangladesh.


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