Breaking News! World Ijtema is heading towards the National Ijtema

The ministry of Religious Affairs meeting began today at 3pm. Meeting still running.

Nizamuddin Sura Syed Wasiful Islam, Bhai Nasim, Kari Jubayer, Maulana Omar Faruque are present in the meeting.

Some decision taken:

(1) Ijtema Date- 15, 16, 17 February, 2019.

(2) Will be no advisor in between Tabligh (like Hefazat, Ulama group etc). Will be only 4 person- Home Minister, Rel Min., Rel Sec and MSPM.

(3) Nizamuddin Jamat will come, both group guests will come.

(4) If Mawlana Saad not come, Ahmed Laat and Ibrahim Dewla will not come.

(5) Syed Wasif and Mawlana Jubair will conduct Ijtema.

(6) Religious Secretary will say to whole country DC and SP- nobody will make any problem for Tabligh.

(7) Religious Minister will go to Nizamuddin soonest possible to convince Mawlana Saad to do agree on all decisions.

The meetings have been imposed on some mess. It’s completely against the Tartib of Nizamuddin.

More details are coming soon.



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