Bangladesh Ijtema instead of World Ijtema.

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Bangladesh Government’s recently concluded 11th parliamentary elections and the upcoming World Ijtema 2019 gave the same shape.

World Ijtema 2019 is going to organize the same drama that the Government had done about the 11th Parliament Election.

“In today’s meeting it was decided that the Biswa Ijtema will be held in Tongi in February. The two factions jointly will organize the second largest congregation of the Muslims after Hajj,” said the minister.

Two factions of the Tabligh Jamaat-one led by Sayed Wasiful Islam and other by Moulana Zubair–were present at the meeting where everyone spoke openly and it came out successful, he added.

“But how and when the gathering will be held will be decided in another meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at Religious Affairs ministry at 10:30am,” he added.

Responding to a question from a journalist, the minister said that a decision was made that Maulana Saad, The World Amir will not join Ijtema this time.

When asked about how many phases of the Ijtema will be held this year, the minister said, “It will also be decided in tomorrow’s meeting.”

Meanwhile, State Minister for Religious Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah said that Ijtema will be held once in a year and unitedly.

“No separate Ijtema will be held. The clashes those happened across the country are not desirable at all,” he added.

The government of Bangladesh has regulated the World Ijtema with the force. As the Government did in the Eleventh parliament elections last few weeks ago. The government made fooling the world as it said that the parliamentary elections were neutral. By breaking the World Markaz Nizamuddin’s rules, the Government is going to organize the Ijtema. Where there will be no World Tabligh Amir. So how this Ijtema will be the “World Ijtema”?



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