Raiwand Markaz, Pakistan update

Raiwand update : January 16, 2019 

Shaikh Mufti Mohammed Taqi Uthmani arrived in Raiwand this morning with a delegation of 25 Ulama including ML Fazl Raheem from Jamiah Ashrafiyah Lahore.

Mufti Taqi Osmani at Raiwand Markaz

The “middle unauthorised team” of Raiwand wasted time showing them around the kitchen etc as if it was a casual visit. They were not taken to meet ML Nazrur Rahman and technically they gave the clearest picture to the Ulama of no obedience of Ameer or the officail Shura of Raiwand.

Once they sat down Mufti Taqi sb initially made it clear that “do not get the wrong impression and start propagating that we are here to support you or your stance but rather we are here to help reconcile between you and Nizamuddin”.

He gave them Nasihat and confirmed that he will visit Nizamuddin Markaz and there is no need to go Deoband as this is an internal matter between them and Nizamuddin.

Ml Fazl Raheem raised concerns about anti ML Saad literature which he described as “khabees” and that it must stop.

Towards the end of the Majlis or possibly after taking 4 Sathis (molvi Khursheed and Ziya etc in a seperate room) they were asked “are the Mewatis with you specially the family of Miah Ji Mohammed (who donated the Raiwand land) to which molvi Ziya very confidently said yes they are all with us. One wise Young Alim in the delegation asked why don’t we ask the Mewatis themselves.

After calling the Mewatis in to everyone’s surprise the Mewatis said “we are with Nizamuddin and will remain with them. We are not with these people in Raiwand”

It was on this occasion that Molvi Ziya panicked and said to Mufti Taqi you focus on Fatwa work and let us concentrate on Admin work.

Subhanallah the colors of these people was evidently visible to the Ulama. Mufti Taqi then told the Ulama look at this contradiction and see how even an Aalim can go this far to misrepresent facts.

Note and Some Explanation : 

★★ Ml Fazl Raheem raised concerns about anti ML Saad literature which he described as “khabees” and that it must stop. This is must be underlined properly, especially who have capability to write. Using of any literatures should not be distorted to the Non Nizamuddin version only, because there are still living witnesses of Nizamuddin’s members (not only who left Nizamuddin) whose testimony may was not written in the literatures to be used as a reference on writing a book/kitaab.

★★ In addition to the above message, it is well known that the Mewatis are not with the Non Nizamuddin (Alami Shura) conspirators. Note the issues surrounding Raiwind ijtema where the Mewatis were not allowed to see anyone in Raiwind markaz controlled by alami shura even after waiting the whole day. And more recently a few days ago Mewatis started gathering in Raiwind markaz to seek clarification, hopeful that Raiwind returns under the guidance of Nizamuddin markaz. So, if anyone try to seek just based on Non Nizamuddin without seeking others source, he may end in conclution to accept Non Nizamuddin version.

★★ Any updates (or its could called as their propaganda) based on Non Nizamuddin version regarding this ongoing progress, not to ignore it but try to seek the truth between 2 version, carefully. Feel the difference of two version, by your self.



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