Pakistan Raiwind Markaz update

(1) Peshawar Markaz Update: On January 8, 2019

A specail delegation from Raiwand has arrived in Peshawar Markaz for the Tuesday Mashwarah consisting of Maulana Ijaz, Hakeem Akram and Maulana Saed. They reassured the seniors in Peshawar that Maulana Nazru Rahman is the Ameer and spoke privately with Shahid sb who is the Ameer of Peshawar. Allah knows best as to what message they are spreading privately. We hope the re-connection to Nizamuddin is made sooner.

(2) Emergency crisis alert Raiwand Markaz: On January 9, 2019

The first officail message from one of the many victims (Qari Amir Ali sha former teacher of Raiwand) of the Raiwand torture chamber run by Molvi Faheem , Molvi Suhail (ML Ihsan family) and Financed through Yameen and Batla of Karachi has triggered a huge crisis in Raiwand.

This torture sell known as “Jamaat Abu Jandal” has been torturing innnocent sathis and Muqimeens over the years within Raiwand Markaz and will no longer be accepted.

Alhamdulillah the Mewatis , Pathans , and all the Halqas of Pakistan from Rawalpindi to Peshawar, Multan and Karachi have now declared a state of emergency to clear up Raiwand from these evil “thugs” who have no right to remain in Raiwand a day longer.

An international inquiry via the government of Pakistan with the corporation of the Pakistani Army and the chief Justice of Pakistan will be petitioned as soon as possible. The land of Raiwand which was donated by a Mewati for the purpose of opening a branch of Nizamuddin Markaz after the approval of Hazratji Ml Yusuf Ra may now become the subject of a legal inquiry for misuse of charity land.

Some hope was gained recently after Raiwand finally sent a letter to Nizamuddin after weeks of pressure mounted upon them from Lahore and Qusoor. However nothing can be trusted until they openly announce and go all over the world to clean up the mess they have created before anyone can take them seriously inside Pakistan let alone the rest of the world.

Meanwhile it seems that the likes of Yameen and Batla (nobody has ever heard of this character best described as a Karachi Banya) are still trying their best to gather support to let them remain in Raiwand .Yameen returned from Makkah after spreading his mischief over there and Balta returns to give hope to the last remaining Banyas of London. Molvi Batla is being being described as the no 2 in Raiwand but is he really as credible as the Banyas are trying to make him look. Will this no 2 totally get ousted and the plan of Yameen to hold onto Raiwand finally come to an end.

For the Banyas money and power and foreign trips bring confused results but for the true Ummati the work with complete reliance on Allah’s ghaibi madad works.

Just yesterday the grandson of our late Dadabhai from South Africa (who was spending a year) got a 2 hour lesson in Multan Markaz on the importance of Nizamuddin and Ita-at of one Ameer.

Alhamdulillah Raiwand Muqeemeen are updating us of good Dialogue with Nizamuddin and Ulama that have graduated from Raiwand are going to Nizamuddin to spend time which is now visibly evident to everyone out there.

(3) Groundbreaking updates from Raiwand, Karachi and elsewhere:
On January 14, 2019

The national Mashwarah of Pakistan has “kicked off on January 14, 2019” in an extremely tensed and security tight environment after thousands of Mewatis from all over Pakistan alongside Sathis from Lahore , Qasur, Multan ,Rawalpindi and Ulama from Wazirastan have turned for an update on the decision taken by the Raiwand Shura to reconnect to Nizamuddin unconditionally. They have made it clear that Faheem, Saleem ,Yameen, Nadeem and their associates must vacate Raiwand and under no circumstances will they be permitted to represent Raiwand a day longer.

Meanwhile Molvi Batla who according to Raiwand was supposedly gone for Umrah is making his last ditched attempt to give false hope to the Uks Blackburn Factory movement. In his recent narrative in Liecester new twists including the final open public confession that Haji Sb ra never called the 2015 blunder a formation of Aalami Shura. Fresh claims (previously unheard of) were made about Hafiz sb ra sending letters to Raiwand prior to this 2015 blunder were also made. Batlas advice was not to talk about this issue but he himself was guilty of talking about this issue unnecessarily. The usual talk about Haji Sb to gain some authority was evident but after the clean up in Raiwand it seems obvious that this rhetoric is history.

Dhaka to Deoband:

Meanwhile a delegation from Bangladesh is on its way to visit Deoband for the second time to set the record straight on the double game of the Madnis who are now fully on the verge of exposure for their involvement in the violence in Bangladesh in which two innocent Tablighis (not molvis as falsely being propagated ) lost their lives. Most people don’t have any hope on the current regime inside Deoband but after a 4 hour meeting in Karachi this morning it seems like the Ulama of Pakistan will finally strike the true balance according to the authentic legacy of Ulamae Deoband by following the footsteps of the late Hazrat Maulana Saleem Ullah khan ra.

Karachi to Nizamuddin:

Hazrat Mufti Taqi Uthmani has chaired an emergency meeting to help reconcile between all the parties. He is the leading scholarly authority of the Muslim Ummah (described as a walking and talking Deoband) to overlook a final attempt to resolve this issue. The Thanwis are known for their scholarly balance and chanda free mindset and it seems optimistically obvious that Deoband will be overshadowed unless it retracts it’s historic blunder. Only time will tell. Allah is indeed the best of planners.

(4) Raiwand update: On January 15, 2019

Mewatis give Raiwand Shura final ultimatum.

Pakistan Raiwind Markaz update

★★★★★Remove the following :

1.Molvi Faheem
2.Molvi Suhail
3.Dr Nadeem
6.Molvi Khursheed
7.Molvi Batla
8.Molvi Suhail
9.Molvi Iftikhar

★★★★★Declare Raiwand as a branch of Nizamuddin

★★★★★Declare Maulana Saad as your Ameer

★★★★★We want a decision in days enough is enough

★★★★★You have Agents of the Yahood who have crossed the limit by sending fake intelligence officers to Colonel Mohammed Ali house to threaten him and his family.

★★★★★If the above are not implemented then empty the land of Raiwand as it’s been donated by Mewatis for Tabligh under Nizamuddin.


Mufti Taqi Uthmani is on his way to Raiwand alongside a delegation of Ulama.




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