What is the solution of Tabligh Jama’at disputes prescribed by Alami Sura Pakistan?

What is the solution of Daa’wah Tabligh disputes prescribed by Alami Sura Pakistan?

As per Alami Sura Pakistan & some supporters of Alami Sura Ulama & some voluntarily left Nizamuddin elders of Tabligh, the solution of today’s Daa’wah Tabligh conflicts simply depends on one individual and his name is Maulana Sa’ad Kandhalvi D.B.

The 1st things which was mentioned by them at Raiwind old workers gathering in March 2018 are as follows’:

If Sa’ad Kandhalvi accepted to the main conditions than the conflict will resolve today.

Saad Kandhalvi must accept Shura made by Sheikh Haji Abdul wahab Sahab RH in presence of Shura members in Pakistan.

The demand that has been coming out in the market since last 2015. And in the market in such a situation, Deoband poured Ghee and started whisper about the same demand on 2017. Deoband issued so-called “FATWA” against Maulana Sa’ad D.B. on 2017.

In this situation it is clear that “Alami Shura” and “Deoband” coincide together. Deoband has been used to destroy the work of Tabligh Jamaat. Therefore, Deoband “FATWA” is not a matter.

Saad opponents are greedy for power. They want power in any way, otherwise they will destroy this nobel work.

The work still remain on the manner and method which was described by Maulana Ilyas sahab RH, Maulana Yusuf sahab RH and Maulana Inam Ul Hasan sahab RH in the light of Quran and Hadith. And there are nothing changed.

Maulana Sa’ad Kandhalvi D.B. said those things in his speeches which already in Quran and Hadith. In the present times, many Ulema’s are not willing to accept the word of 1400 years ago. All religious traders today are one. They are afraid to hear the truth.

Maulana Sa’ad D.B. is the victim of the situation today. We pray to Allah for him. Only Allah should protect this work properly.


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