Darul Uloom Karachi 2019, Pakistan Ulema Ijtema Update

Update Pakistan January 12, 2019

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An Ijtema of Pakistani Ulema took place in Darul Ulum Karachi (DUK) on January 12, 2019 in which the current situation of the Tabligh Jamaat (TJ) was discussed.

The following participated :

o Mufti Rafi Usmani.
o Mufti Taqi Usmani.
o Mufti Anwar ul Haq – Muhtamim, Darul Ulum Haqqaniah.
o Mufti Fazal Raheem – Muhtamim, Darul Ulum Ashrafiyah.
o Maulana Zahid ul Rashidi – Shaykh ul Hadeeth, Jamiah Nusrat ul Ulum, Gujranwala.
o Mufti Ghulam ur Rahman – Muhtamim, Jamia Usmania, Peshawar.
o Mufti Abdulraheem, Ameer, Jamiat ul Rasheed, Karachi.
o Maulana Hakeem Mazhar – Muhtamim, Jamia Ashraf ul Madaris.
o Maulana Muhammad Tayyib, Muhtamim, Jamiah Imdadiyah, Faisalabad.
o Maulana Dr. Adil – Jamia Faruqia, Karachi.
o Maulana Qazi Abdul Rasheed, Muhtamim, Darul ulum Faruqia, Karachi.
o Maulana Qari MehrUllah.
o Maulana Tanveer ul Haq, Muhtamim, Jamia Ihtishamiyah, Karachi.
o Maulana Imdad Ullah, Ustaz, Binori Town, Karachi
o Maulana Mufti Mahmood Ashraf Usmani, Ustaz and Mufti, DUK.
o Maulana Aziz ur Rahman, Ustaz, DUK.
o Maulana Rahat Ali Hashmi, Education Admin at DUK.
o Mufti Muhammad, Ustaz and Mufti, Jamia tur Rasheed, Karachi.
o Maulana Muhammad Daud, Shaykh ul Hadeeth, Jamia Imdadiyah, Quetta.
o Maulana Dr. Muhammad Zubair Ashraf Usmani, Ustaz, DUK.
o Maulana Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani, Ustaz, DUK.
o Maulana Tahir Masud, Ustaz, Jamiah Miftahul Ulum, Sarghoda.
o Maulana Muhammad Khalid Abbasi, Muhtamim, Darul Ulum, Murree.
o Maulana Muhammad Numan Naeem, Deputy Muhtamim, Binori Town, Karachi.
o Maulana Hassan Ashraf Usmani, Ustaz, DUK.
o Maulana Salman ul Haqq, Ustaz, Akora Khatak Haqqaniah.

The following was decided after detailed discussions :

(1) To promptly send a letter addressed to the elders of TJ.

(2) Formation of a committee to meet the responsible people from both sides to find out their positions and try to attempt reconciliation in consultation with the above listed Ulema (the document then lists the names of the committee).

Highlights from letter :

Addressed to elders of Nizamuddin Markaz, Raiwand and Tongi Bangladesh.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have changed positively worldwide due to TJ. Therefore, despite shortcomings, we not only value but support and encourage people of ilm and awwam towards TJ.

However, the recent events and division into two opposing groups plus events in Bangladesh have caused concerns.

Based on Al-Deen al-Naseehah we are requesting the elders from both sides to try to finish these divisions.

We think the way to do this is that both sides put their personal opinions to one side and meet somewhere in spirit of sacrifice.

What is needed is (1) ikhlaas, (2) sacrifice and (3) humility in the heart and to sit down and discuss all disagreements with an open heart.

We think both Ameer and Shura are needed in TJ.

Ameer and Shura should be chosen on basis of mutual mashwara.

We Ulema are happy to assist in this regard.

If the TJ continues divided, there is a danger that the benefit derived from it will be minimized if not closed completely.

Until such reconciliation takes places, both sides’ elders should ensure that their groups continue work of TJ in their way and that other than dua for each other, the people on their respective sides take no negative steps.

Where one side has a majority in a markaz, the other should not forcibly try to enter lest the dawah of Islam is maligned which is the goal of the enemies of Islam.

For the sake of the greater benefit of the deen and with cool-headedness, consider our requests.

We also request Ulema to keep themselves away from current emotional environment and not issues such statements which results in escalation against any one side.

Letter attached: 


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