Letter from Sri Petaling National Markaz (Malaysia) to Raiwind Markaz, Pakistan

Letter from Sri Petaling National Markaz (Malaysia) to Raiwind:

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Muthtarram wa Mukarram
Responsible Shura Brothers, Markaz Of Pakistan :

Maulana Mohammad Ahmed Ansari
Maulana Muhammad Yousif Qureshi
Maulana Mohammad Harun sab
Khwaja Zia ul Haq
Bhai Qutabudeen
Dr Manzur sab
Baber Javed sab
Ghulam Mustafa
Bukht Muneer sab
Shahid sab
Peer Azam sab
Pracha salb
Dr Noshad sab
Sultan lqbal sab
Dr Ruhullah sab
Bhai Hashmat sab
Arshad sab
Bhai Iqbal sab
Ch Rafiq sab
Molana Ahsan sab

Allah Pak through the asbab of the esteemed mehnat of Nabi Kareem SAW has bestowed upon every ummah the niabat and nisbat of Nabuwat.

There have been years of sacrifices through the guidance and Mubarak Mashwara of Bangla Wali Masjid Nizamuddin. The unquestioned Maqbuliat and the Tarbiyat and Honour that came from Bangla Wali Masjid Nizamuddin was passed down to the elders of Markaz Pakistan, Raiwind.

Sheikh Abdul Wahhab saheb (RAH) through his fikr and Qurbani learnt from Hazratji Maulana Yusuf saheb (RAH)
and brought such an environment, to Raiwind that many countries and uncountable individuals benefited.

Today our success again lies in following the same pattern that made Markaz Pakistan, Raiwind the sample of
what was wanted from Bangla wali masjid Nizamuddin. All the elders from Raiwind again and again repeatedly would speak about the importance of following what comes from Nizamuddin. This gave Raiwind a very high
position in the sight of Allah and therefore the people of the world. This fact cannot be denied.

We are hoping and praying that the Markaz af Pakistan shall return to the original path propagated by Elders of the like of sheikh Abdul Wahhab saheb, Mufti Zainul Abidin, Maulana Saeed Khan, Bhai Afzal and the hundreds of other elders, in connecting to the Alami Markaz of Bangla Wali Masjid Nizamuddin under the guidance of Hazrat Maulana Saad Sahib Kandhlawi (DB).

It has been a great tragedy to have watched how a group of misleading individuals have manipulated and diverted
many countries, using and therefore abusing the name of Raiwind in establishing unauthorised Marakiz and adding Shura or Amir’s all over the world. This has resulted in breaking countries and individuals, thus creating dívisions and chaos worldwide.

As an example, In 1993 Senior Elders of the world such as Hadrat Maulana Said Ahmad Khan saheb, Hadrat Mufti
Zainul Abideen saheb, Haji Abdul Wahhab saheb, Hadrat Maulana Umar Palanpuri saheb, Hadrat Maulana
Izaharul Hasan saheb, Hadrat Miaji Mehrab saheb, Hadrat Hajee Abdul Muquit saheb, Hadrat Maulana Zubairul
Hasan saheb and Hadratji Maulana Mohammad Saad saheb which Hadratji Maulana Inamul Hasan saheb gathered
together in Alami Markaziyah Hadrat Nizamuddin and with total consensus decided the Markaz of Malaysia is only
in Masjid Seri Petaling Kuala Lumpur. Today people who claimed to be sent from Raiwind have shockingly created a breakaway markaz in Malaysia without feeling the least shame.

To our Respected Shura Brothers of Markaz of Pakistan, we appreciate that most of you had nothing to do with this action, and openly disagree with this behaviour of only some of you. We know in our discussions with you
individually how hurt you have been and how you have been assaulted by the group causing the damage. It is time
now for you as a shura to rectify the damage.

Pls restrict jamaats and individuals using the noble name of Raiwind from going all over the world trying to turn people away from Hazrat Maulana Saad Sahib (DB) and Nizamuddin, or from sending jamaats from other countries
that come to Malaysia creating confusion and divisions.

We ask you to be strong in acknowledging the shortcomings of not being able to stop the group working in the shadows of Raiwind who have created chaos globally. This will allow you to step forward firmly into the future.

With the highest of respect we hope the Markaz of Pakistan, Raiwind shall return to the original path under the
blessings and guidance of Nizamuddin.


Shura of Malaysia
Abdullah Cheong
Zaid Abdullah
Ustaz Abdul Hamid
Ustaz Ahmad Said




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