Letter from Ahle-Shura of North America (United States and Canada) to Raiwind, Pakistan

Letter from Ahle-Shura of North America (United States and Canada) to Raiwind:

Dear and Most Respected Honorable Moulana Nazrul Rahman Saheb, Qadeem Shura of Raiwind, and all other respectable elders of Raiwind Markaz :

Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa-Rahmatullahi wa-Barakatuh.

We hope that all of you are well in health and imaan, and are remaining busy in making the noble effort of Nabi (saw) so that the Ummat may be guided back to practicing complete and total deen, which is the only means of salvation for mankind.

Alhamdulillah, in this day and age, it is the greatest favor of Allah Ta’ala that he has blessed us and attached us with the work of the Prophets (as). This most noble work has become the means of deen coming into the lives of Muslims all over the world.

As we are gratefully indebted to Hazrat Moulana Ilyas (ra) and his family, and all other elders of Bangle-Wali Masjid Markaz Nizamuddin, we are as much indebted to the elders of Raiwind Markaz as well, who in their own right, have made tremendous and unimaginable sacrifices for deen to spread all across the globe. The sacrifices and fikr of Haji Abdul Wahaab Saheb (ra) can never be forgotten. As Hazrat Ji Moulana Sa’ad Saheb mentioned in his letter of condolence, “His example was like a dense and spread tree, where under its shadow the entire Ummah and especially the people involved in da’wa used to take refuge and get contentment.”

However, in recent times, a great tragedy, which no-one could have ever imagined, came upon our effort. Workers have become divided, and brothers who used to work together hand in hand making the effort of nubuwwat, have now become bitter foes; not talking to one another, not returning salaam, and not even wanting to face one another. It is without a doubt a tremendous and colossal test from Allah ta’ala for us all.

The fikr and sacrifices, that have emanated from Raiwind, without a doubt has brought inconceivable khair to the ummah; however most sadly, we also find that due to the actions of a few individuals misusing the honorable name and platform of Raiwind Markaz and Haji Abdul Wahaab Saheb (ra), have been instrumental in causing this world-wide division.

The actions of these individuals have created opposing maraakiz, opposing shuras and separate effort from the guidelines of Bangle-Wali Masjid Markaz Nizamuddin in most parts of the world. And the result has been mass confusion and chaos among the responsibles of our effort and field workers alike. This destructive effect is very much evident here in America also. Sorrowfully, the effort of batil is only benefitting from all this.

We humbly, most respectfully, and reverently beseech the Hazraat, elders and Qadeem Shura of Raiwind Markaz to immediately, completely and once and for all, put an end to this divisive effort causing this tragedy from the few individuals in Raiwind. We firmly request that Qadeem Shura of Markaz Raiwind return to the complete ita’at and obedience of Markaz Nizamuddin, and once again, insha’allah, restore its noble position in the world and return to the glory days of respect that was given by Allah ta’ala whence effort was taking place with Markaz Raiwind working together, hand in hand with Markaz Nizamuddin.

We request that we continue to be included in your precious dua. May Allah Taa’la keep us steadfast in this noble and great work of Deen. Ameen.
Most Respectfully submitted :

Ahle-Shura of North America (United States and Canada)
Shaykh Mohammad Tohamy
Moulana Dr. Khalid Azam Saheb
Janab Abdul Rahman Khan Saheb
Janab Aabir Rasheed Saheb




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