World Ijtema 2019 is not in January. Government postponed Hefazat-e-Islam rally.

Today, the Home Ministry organized a meeting to determine the dates of Tabligh Jamat’s World Ijtema. Some decisions were taken at the meeting.

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(1)  No party can do Ijtema in Tongi in January 2019

(2) The date of the new Ijtema will not be announced until the scheduled 6-member delegation returns to Deoband. However, the delegation is requested to visit Deoband by January 15.

(3) No party will be able to obstruct anyone in the mosque of Tabligh Jamaat in any mosque of the country.

(4) Until a new Ijtema date is set, no party can do any Ijtema, Jore,  Big Mashwara or any Ojhaati Jore anywhere in the country.

Hefazat-e-Islam rally was declared postponed at the same meeting.  In the implementation of the World Ijtema (Alami Sura) 2019, it has been postponed after an initiative of an emergency Mashwara convention at 9.00 pm in sector 14 of Uttara, Dhaka on Monday.

Regarding this meeting a letter was issued for all mainstream Tablighi brothers by Ahele Sura Hazrat Wasiful Islam. Letter attached.

Regarding home ministry meeting by Wasiful Islam


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