World largest crowd in history more than 20 millions, A sea of devotees swarmed to Bulandshahar city.

A sea of devotees swarmed to Bulandshahar city. Today is the last day of World’s largest Ijtima in history. More than 20 millions gathered. Reported by Indian Television Channel News 18.

Bulondoshar Ijtima 2018

A massive crowd brought the Bulandshahr city to a grinding halt with devotees overcrowding railway stations and bus stands. All the major routes from Delhi and other neighbouring cities to Bulandshahar were choked as devotees jostled for space in trains, buses and other public conveyance.

Millions of devotees gathered in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday in order to attend the final day of ‘Tablighi Ijtema’, bringing the city to a grinding halt. The ‘Tablighi Ijtema’ is a three-day Islamic congregation which began on December 1, and ended on Monday. Local media reports claimed that almost 20 millions Muslim devotees, from various parts of the country, had swarmed to the city in Uttar Pradesh to attend the congregation.

Bulandshahr Alami Ijtima 2018 ends with the dua of Hadhratji ML Saad DB

The tents all full, resulting in people sleeping at the nearby localities.

Microphones and speakers had to be installed at the nearby villages to cater for the huge gathering Subhanallah.

Millions of people came to listen to the talks of the Deen of Allah and change their lives and to go out in the path of Allah.



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