Quite awaited Queens Ijtema. Finally countdown begins.

Photo Editor-20181117_123147.jpgStart counting day. Only 13 days after New York’s City Queens Ijtema 2018.

This is the place where world’s 1st “Alami Sura” Fitna started back the end of 2016. The “Alami Sura” officially started in Pakistan but the organisation was very weak to do something in Pakistan. Even they failed to take possession of Nizamuddin Marakaz in India. Back end of 2016 the one of the Guru’s of Alami Sura Dr. Abdul Awal 1st occupy Nizamuddin Markaz USA branch “Al-Falah” mosque. After then he officially started “World 1st Alami Sura Markaz” in Queens, New york. Not only that, he started world 1st “Alami Sura” Ijtima in Pennsylvania back 2017. He is the man who got responsibilities to destroy the mainstream Tabligh’s work in Bangladesh. Though he was failed 2017 in Bangladesh but he got succeed to destroy the “2018 World Ijtima, Tongi, Dhaka”.

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Because of him the year of 2017 there was no Ijtima in Queens. For that mainstream Nizamuddin followers of Queens are waiting too long for their own Ijtima. This is the “Quite awaited Queens Ijtema”.

Masjid Dar Al-Dawah

Place of Ijtima : Masjid Dar Al-Dawah. 35-13 23rd Avenue, Astoria, Queens, New York.

Date of Ijtima : Nov 30 Friday Asar to Dec 2nd Sunday Zuhr 2018.

How to reach : From LaGuardia Airport 2.4 miles, 8 min drive. From JFK international Airport 12 miles, 23 min drive. Also New York Subway Train “N” available, the final stop will be “Ditmars Blvd”, then walk to Ijtima place 4 min. There is also “M 60 SBS” MTA buses.

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For more information and free Airport Pick Up please contact the following brothers:

Br. Abdur Rahim :  732-904-2593

Br. Faizul Islam : 917-912-6567

Br. Mir Nasir : 917-982-2627

Queens Istima

Note that, at the beginning of this year, the Brooklyn, New York, brothers successfully conducted their own Ijtima. Queens, Long island, Bronx, Manhattan and close by Halaqa’s brothers will be participate for this Ijtima. Istima will be under the guidelines of Nizamuddin insaAllah. May Allah SWT accept our work.






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