Qari Zubier conducted Jumma prayers at Tabligh Markaz Kakrail forcefully, The government breaks its own rules.

Photo Editor-20181117_075426.jpgAs per previous BD Government decision, Qari Zubair Sahib and his followers will be outside the Kakrail mosque when the mainstream Nizamuddin followers are in Kakrail. Earlier, in order to maintain the peace and tranquility of the Kakrail Markaz, the decision was taken to keep two elders Syed Wasiful Islam and Maulana Qari Mohammad Zubayer will staying outside the Kakrail Markaz.

According to the previous decision, the followers of Nizamuddin are currently in Kakrail Markaz. All the work including Salat should be leading by them. But yesterday a member of the alleged Alami Sura of Pakistan, Qari Jubair Sahib came from outside along with Madrasa Students, RAB-Police protection and forced leading the Jumma prayers. During this time, extreme dissatisfaction and distraction among the people of Tabligh was observed.

From the beginning, Syed Wasiful Islam is staying outside Kakrail with respect to the previous decision. But Qari Zubair ignored the administration’s decision and after using the political influence of Hefazat, he continued lead for Jumma prayers on Friday and conduct other activities.

Multiple sources of Kakrail said, there is no Khatib in the mosque for Jumma prayers in Kakarail. But why does the Qari Sahib have become so desperate to be able to hold the title of Kakrail Khatib?

Yesterday, when Qari Zubaier entered the Kakrail mosque and conducted Jumma prayer, the anger among common Tabliq’s companions and devotees was spreading. Publicly, the devotees objected to him to pray. Those who followed the Nizamuddin, tried to keep everyone calm. Otherwise, there could have been any untoward incident before the Jumma between Madrasah students and devotees yesterday.

On Friday, Kakrail Mashwara has been decided to conduct the Jummah prayer by the elders of Kakrail Maulana Mosharraf Hossain. But before Jumma, Jubair was asked to call on him not to pray.

Many of the Kakrail Markaz Mukim, elder, and followers believe that Jubair Saheb is showing such aggression in the name of Jumma’s prayer as a conspiracy to create religious conflicts in the country. And Hefazat-e-Islam base current Government support and protect him. The government breaks its own rules.

Question arises can an Imam forcefully lead Jumma or any congregation when all or majority of mussullis do not want him? This is also breach of contract as arranged by Metropolitan Commissioner of Police office, Dhaka.

Where should one turn for justice in this country?


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