Militant under the shelter of Bangladesh Government: Tabligh’s companions conditions like migrants in their own land.

The politics of Bangladesh has turned into a joke. According to some extremist leader of an Islamic political party, the government is controlling the militant group. It is known that Hefazat-e-Islam militant has controlled the government. The militant group is using the Madrasah students to control the government and the country. No one can observe religion in the country outside their opinion. The government is using this militant group for upcoming national Election. Another Islamic Party “Kelafat Majlish” with Hefazat.

With the false hope of the Islamic State, Hefazat use innocent Madrasa’s students. Islamist parties make everyday the country’s environment horrific for their misdeeds of religion by spoiling their own advantages. Pushing the country towards the “Militant land” like Pakistan, Afghanistan. Instead of coaching scholarships, they are being trained to make madrasa students like militants.

Now the time Bangladesh likely, In the history of Islam, during the period of “Age of Ignorance” (Jahiliyah). This stage in history was full of chaos and corruption. The signs of truth had disappeared. The aspects of deviation from truth and justice had become embodied in the society (pre-Islamic period). Same time now in Bangladesh. Muslims are being oppressed by Muslims. Locking in the mosque, preventing them from prayers in the mosque. The Muslims are called the disbelievers (Kafir) by Hefazat leaders.

Ijtema’s place in Dhaka district has been changed three times due to the Hefazat. Coming 26-28 October’ 2018 Dhaka District Ijtema. Istima ground Mirpur was prepared about 90%. But suddenly last 19 October’ 2018 at 11:30pm local Pollobi Police Station and a group of Hefazat Militants captured the field and forced to out Tabligh’s Companions.

It seems that Muslims are minority in Bangladesh. It’s the era of “New Jahiliyyah“. Muslims are deported from the mosque and the Markas Masjid. Militants are attacking the Tabligh’s most program and Estima with the countries Police. They shutdown and captured Tabligh’s Jamaat Central Markas Dhaka Kakrail Mosque. “Tabligh’s Companions condition like migrants in their own land”.


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