Breaking news: Ijtema update of Dhaka district: Infiltration into the activities of Tabligh Jamat.

Ijtema update of Dhaka district:

With pressure from the administration today, the authorities have been expelled from the Ijtema ground in Dhaka district after 11:30pm today.

The companions are tired of working hard all day, so they requested to stay at night and go out from morning but the wrongdoers did not have mercy.

Regarding this issue, Syed Wasif Islam, Ahlee Shura, Kakrail Markaz gave this statement,

“Infiltration into the activities of Tabligh Jamat:

It is a well known fact that Tabligh Jamat activities are carried out peacefully and that they have no political agenda. Recently a group of Tabligh elders of Kakrail Masjid have moved away from the mainstream of Tabligh that is being propagated from world head quarters- Banglawali Masjid, Nizamuddin, Delhi, India- headed by it’s Aamir Hazrat Mawlana Saad Kandhalovi, great grandson of Hazrat Mawlana Eliyas, the founder of Tabligh work. The above elders have aligned with some politically motivated Islamic scholars and ulama to block/disrupt all activities of the followers of Mawlana Saad. In the last month that group headed by Mawlana Zubair have conducted 3 Jor/Ijtema at Tongi, Mirpur and Muhammadpur in Dhaka. Unhindered, mainly to condemn Mawlana Saad and his followers by maligning them in open public. These gatherings were predominantly attended by young madrasa students and their ustads.

When the followers of Mawlana Saad started working in Mirpur cow hat (গরু হাট) area to prepare the grounds for holding Dhaka District Ijtema, the same opposition group somehow managed to convince the law enforcing agencies to stop the work on the plea that permission is needed from Police Commissioner. On the night of 19th Oct at 11:30 PM, poor helpless Tabligh workers, who were resting were threatened to vacate the grounds immediately or face arrest/physical eviction. Be it was mentioned that current MP of the area Mr. Elias Mullah had given verbal consent for use of the area and was himself present at the Dua for opening of the work at the Ijtema ground. The people there asked permission to at least spend the night and leave in the morning, that request was also turned down. Where should one turn for Justice?”

Now Hefazat-based government in the country. It was openly said by “Hefazat Islam”. So that, day after day religion of the common people is becoming difficult to keep religion and practice. Occupying the mosque, and Markaz Masjid all over the country. Everywhere Government Administration pressure the non-political base Islamic Organization ” Tabligh Jamaat” to stop three days “Istima” all over 64 district. Last it happened the Patuakhali district Ijtema in three phases. Finally The companions of Tabligh Jamaat Patuakhali become unity and now doing “Istima”. The companions of Dhaka will have to be in a strong position like the Patuakhali partners. Only then will the Istima succeed.


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