The Plan Of The Alami Shura

During the time of Hazrat Ali (Ra), the Khawaarij had also devised a similar global, disruptive and destructive plan…
That in one go, to destroy 3 of the main Maraakiz of that era:
1) Hazrat Mu’aawiyah in Damascus (Ra)
2) Hazrat Ali in Kufa (Ra)
3) Hazrat Amr bin Al-Aas (Ra) in Egypt

To accomplish this, they sent trained people (assassins), who were told that these three people with lead Fajr Salaah. Mid-Salaah, kill them.

In Kufa, Abdur-Rahman bin Muljim assassinated Hazrat Ali (Ra) who became shaheed.

In Damascus, Hazrat Mu’aawiyah (Ra) was injured during Fajr Salaah.

In Egypt, Hazrat Amr bin Al-Aas (Ra) was suffering from a strong fever and his deputy was leading Fajr. The assassin didn’t recognize him and thought he was Amr bin Al-Aas (Ra)
and killed him. This deputy became Shaheed.

All 3 events took place on the same date, all during Fajr Salaah.

This planning (of the evil Fitnah of the Pakistan-made Alami Shura), was one and the same… On the same date, 11th
August 2017, the announcement of adopting Bangalore as their (Alami) Markaz and rejecting Markaz Nizamuddin, was made in: UK, Mumbai, Panama, Trinidad, Barbados, Bangalore

Before the announcement in Mumbai, permission was sought from Molana Ebrahim Devla Sahib. Witnesses
explain that he replied in a fit of rage and anger: “We have only Markaz and that is Markaz Nizamuddin. Until Qiyaamat, no other place will have an Alami Markaz.

Yes there are differences in opinion with Molana Sa’d Sahib and these remain. But there will be no Alami Markaz except Markaz Nizamuddin. These words of Molana (Ebrahim
Sahib) shattered the Alami Shura’s plans. All their announcements weakened.

History of Rebellions/Uprisings Against Markaz Nizamuddin:

First Rebellion:

The first rebellion against Markaz Nizamuddin occurred in the 1960’s. The storm of rebellion at that time was against the Imarat of Hazratjee Molana In’aamul-Hasan (r.a.). Even this was the work of a great individual, a particular Mia Jee. Hazrat Shaykh Zakariyya (ra) had prepared the people of Madras to present their (requirement) Taqaza regarding a headship position for a girls’ Darul Uloom (Madrasah Jami’aatus-Salihaat), that we would like MiaJee. Mashwarah was made and MiaJee said, “The Madrasee people have
recognised my value.” He left Markaz and the fitnah ended.

Second Rebellion:

In the 1970’s, Molana Ramatullah Meerthi Sahib, became the cause. An illustrious fearsome personality and a learned scholar, influencing the entire UP and Delhi, to the extent that those who were extreme in venerating him, tried to convince him that “We shall build you another Markaz!” However, he replied in a strong negative. Before he passed away, normality was restored.

To remain steadfast on Haq is so magnificent. And to prefer others over oneself is a beautiful Sunnah. Hazrat Hasan (RA) transferred his earnt Khilafat to Hazrat Mu’aawiyah (RA) to avoid a possible civil war.

Third Rebellion:

In the 1970’s, the rebellion also rocked Zambia and some other African countries. It began to be widely claimed that “What is the purpose of remaining connected to Nizamuddin Markaz?” (The work of Da’wat is not bound to
the manor of someone’s dad. It is everyone’s effort.) “We will do the effort in Africa, as we wish.” The instigator of this rebellion was of such calibre, as was Hazrat Hafiz Patel (RA) in Europe. Soon a rebellious Markaz was built in Zambia. Hazratjee In’aamul Hasan Sahib (RA) tried hard to resolve the crises but in vain. The name of the instigator was Abu Bakr Darwesh. Sponsoring him was the same group of
wealthy people who are sponsoring the rebels of today. Darwesh Sahib’s Khanqah was complete. People began to
present him with gifts and offerings. People began to give him Bay’ah. His sacrifices across Africa were renowned.
People were affected by him. This fitnah had caused the sleep of the elders of Nizamuddin to become Haraam – they
stopped sleeping and began praying even more. The “Ah” of those pious people then defeated that fitnah. Darwesh’s mental health worsened. People began to despise him upon
witnessing his actions. One-by-one, people began to escape from his company. Darwesh was deserted and was alone. The public began to do Tawbah and returned to Nizamuddin. The African fitnah was suppressed.

Fourth Rebellion:

After Africa, it was the turn of the UK
Then this same fitnah turned its attention to England in the 2000’s… to the extent that the Ameer began to say Darweshi phrases. “We don’t interfere with the internal affairs of Nizamuddin Markaz. They should not interfere with our affairs either.” I was present in this Majlis. Upon hearing these sentences, I became restless.

Hazrat Hafiz Sahib was going to depart and fly abroad and requested me to spend the night at the Wembley Park Masjid where Bhai Ataa’ullah is from, with my bedding. Before going to sleep, I remained in his khidmat and during this time, I said, “Hazrat Hafiz Sahib! Qari Tayyib Sahib (ra) did khidmat of Deen all his life but his children and close acquaintances used him to their own benefit to the extent that he passed away as a controversial figure. I love you like a father figure and cannot stand to see your dishonour. We can never be independent of Nizamuddin Markaz. They retain the right to guide us during our time of problem. To
think that Nizamuddin Markaz should not interfere with our issues leads me to think that you consequently face a similar end-result as did Qari Tayyab Sahib.”

Next day at Tahajjud, Bhai Jalal Choudhry Sahib asks, “Hafiz Sahib, did you sleep well?” Hafiz Sahib replied, “Molana Mahbub’s words prevented me from sleeping all night.” Then he said, “Molana Mahboob Sahib has saved me from a huge fitnah. From now, all issues will be resolved under the supervision of Markaz Nizamuddin, including the construction of London Markaz.” I thanked Allah that with a bit of bravery and frank talk, Allah did not let such a great Daa’ee fall from grace. From that day onwards, Hazrat Hafiz Sahib’s love and care towards me increased. Allah forgive him and elevate his status abundantly. He himself was true. And therefore, considered others to be true. Even our beloved Prophet (saw) lost 70 of his Sahabah due to this reason. With the Shawq of the teaching and learning of the Qur’an, the Zaalimeen made 70 Qari Sahabah Shaheed.

The Fifth Rebellion:

Began in Dakan Hyderabad regarding the shura – it’s architect was also a high-ranking brother – Bhai Abid Khan Sahib. The Ameer Sahib announced with the mashwera of Markaz Nizamuddin that “I am now old. I can’t work properly. Therefore, with the happiness of the saathis, we have formed a shura. Now Marhum Abid Bhai wasn’t ready
to accept this.

The expectation of becoming an Ameer ruins a person. With great difficulty, this dispute was resolved.

The reality is this that the ‘seeds of Alami Shura’ were planted in this Hyderabadi fitnah.

The same rebellion, first in Africa, then the UK, then Hyderabad. In Africa, it caused a lot destruction. The people
of the UK were saved. Now it was the turn of India.

The Sixth Rebellion:

Began in Raiwind Markaz. And the final nail in its coffin will also be hit there. Really, the planning of destroying Imarat was already in process from the time of the demise of Hazratjee Molana Yusuf Sahib (Ra).

According to Hazrat Molana Yusuf Motala Sahib, when
Hazrat Shaykh Zakariyya (Ra) announced the Imarat of Hazratjee Molana In’aamul Hasan Sahib (Ra), the zimmedaar of Raiwind wrote that: ” Like the war lords of Punjab, the
dad died so the son takes over. This is what you have done with Markaz Nizamuddin.” Hazrat Shaykh (Ra) replied, “I made mashwera with senior Ulama here before making a

” At the demise of Hazratjee Molana In’aamul Hasan Sahib (Ra), the people of Raiwind were present. That same zimmedaar (Elder) who 30 years ago, gave that example of the warlords of Punjab, at this time repeated those same words in Markaz Nizamuddin. He added:
1) “There will be no more bay’at in Markaz Nizamuddin.”
2) “There will be no more Ameer in Markaz Nizamuddin.”
Someone challenged him: “What are you saying here?” So he began saying, “We have taken over the big streets of

“With the same mentality, the Alami Shura was formed in 2015, to eradicate Imarat. The people of Raiwind from the
beginning have not accepted the Imarat of Markaz Nizamuddin.

However, through the duas of the sincere people, the jinn of all the rebellions were also buried.

The Seventh Rebellion:

In England, UK This fitnah re-appeared on 11th August 2017 with great
planning behind it. To the extent that it was claimed and announced that: “As of today, the Tableegh in the UK will be
on the methodology and supervision of the Alami Shura.” Ties have been severed with Nizamuddin Markaz and
Bangalore Markaz will now be our Markaz.

The chief driver behind this evil Fitnah was Ishaq Patel. He gathered his like-minded crew and announced that “Markaz Nizamuddin is not our Markaz. We will only do Tableegh under the guidance of Bangalore.

“When the remaining Shura brothers of the UK found out, they gathered and decided that this announcement and decision was Ishaq Patel’s own and not representative of the remaining Shura members of the UK. So they gathered the saathis of the country on the following Friday and announced that:

For 50 years, we have been working in conjunction with Nizamuddin Markaz and will remain this way until Qiyaamat. We totally reject the announcement made by Ishaq Patel.

The Rising Of Ishaq Patel

With such speed and without the permission of the remaining Shura, his announcement of adopting the Alami
Shura and working under them was not coincidental. Rather it was his action according to the plan of these destroyers from the Alami Shura, which they had prepared for him.

After the UK announcement, Ishaq Patel was so gutted that if he had honour equivalent to a dust mite, he would have moved away, never to return to Dewsbury, again. This is dependent on one’s capacity.

Hazrat Bilal (Ra) was preferred above Hazrat Sufyaan (Ra) so out of honour, so out he (Abu Sufyaan Ra) went in the path of Allah, such an honour and intention, that he never returned to Hijaz (Makkah-Madinah). Ishaq Patel is such a person that despite such humiliation, he has stuck stubbornly to his methods. In a Hadeeth-Nabwi, it is
mentioned: “When you do not have shame then do as you please!”

Raiwind Markaz:

The Tableeghi effort was revived by Hazratjee Molana Ilyas Sahib (Ra) and whoever joined him, began to be called
“Tableeghis”. So some etiquettes and principles were built. Molana Ilyas Sahib (Ra) made Bangla Wali Masjid as the “Markaz” and people considered it and called it “Markaz”. There, people would learn the effort from him, continued the effort for their self-rectification and the work continued
to spread. Soon the (India-Pakistan) partition was made (and Markaz Raiwind was made the main Markaz of Pakistan). Initially, the people of Raiwind Markaz were completely
following Markaz Nizamuddin.

The direction of Tableeghi politics and it’s beginnings in Raiwind Markaz:

Just like the active people behind every new group and party try to stamp their authority and direction to prove their
fame and capabilities, by introducing new ideas and visions, the political people behind Raiwind Markaz did the same:

Changes made from the Tableegh of Molana Ilyas Sahib (Ra):

Change Number 1:

• Raiwind (change): To tashkeel and send public Jamats for 1 year!
• Nizamuddin (methodology): Only 4 months Jamats were tashkeeled for the public!

Change Number 2:

• Raiwind (change): To go abroad in Jamaat, a minimum age restriction of 40 years old was fixed. Younger people couldn’t go abroad شاءهللا ما إال
• Nizamuddin (methodology): No such restrictions. Anyone with understanding of the effort who could
work with the Jamaat could go!

Change Number 3:

• Raiwind (change): 3-5-3 Tarteeb in old workers Jor.
• Nizamuddin (methodology): There was no such (lucky number) method here!

Change Number 4:

• Raiwind (change): 1 & 1/2 years Tarteeb.

•Nizamuddin (methodology): 4 months for public and 1 year for Ulama!

Change Number 5:

• Raiwind (change): Mudhakarah Jamaat.
• Nizamuddin (methodology): Listen to Hidayat (rawangi) talk before you leave and give karguzri (returning reflection) upon return.
Change Number 6:

• Raiwind (change): Supreme Shura: First the Raiwind Shura decide something. Then this was presented to
the Supreme Shura who would analyse (tear it apart), keeping somethings which would come into practice.This Supreme Shura is openly in opposition to the method of Rasulullah (saw) and is perfectly consistent with the Supreme Communist party council. (We have only learnt one things with regards
to this in Tableegh. There is no Mashwera before Mashwera and no Mashwera after Mashwera.)
• Nizamuddin (methodology): No such Supreme Shura!

Change Number 7:

• Raiwind (change): Jor of old working women with their husbands for 15 days.
• Nizamuddin (methodology): No such jor. Just for a couple of hours at a Purana sathis hidden house for
karguzari and short talks. Nothing more.

Change Number 8:

• Raiwind (change): Old worker practices with new workers and explains the effort to them!
• Nizamuddin (methodology): No such tutoring method!

Similarly, plenty of other methods were implemented which were never heard of in Nizamuddin, nor were they ever seen there.

This means that from its early days, the political people behind Raiwind Markaz would implement their political
agendas without either consulting or even asking Markaz Nizamuddin!

With such a sadness would Hazratjee Molana In’aamul Hasan Sahib (Ra) say: “The people have Raiwind Markaz have never counted us as an Ameer. We are the ones who keep them as our companions.”

If we ponder over each word of that sentence, that the worldwide Tableeghi Ameer Sahib is complaining with
search heart-felt sadness and hurt.

The Politics Of Raiwind Markaz:

The political achievements of the Alami Shura from Pakistan:

  1. Formed the Alami Shura, which Molana Sa’d Sahib didn’t accept.
  2. Pressurised Darul-Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband to issue fatwas against Molana Sa’d Sahib. 3. Bought the Fatwa to the attention of the public, causing worldwide disruption.
  3. This rebellious group blackmailed Molana Sa’d Sahib… By saying:

• Accept the Shura or-else face the Fatwas (of Deoband)
• If you accept the Shura, the Fatwas will automatically become cancelled.
• They dictated to Darul Uloom Deoband to wait so the Alami Shura can be accepted … But this didn’t happen. Never until Qiyaamat Insha’Allah!

The Plan of Alami Shura

The rebellious group which had deserted Nizamuddin Markaz has planned to denounce listening and obeying one Ameer. Instead, accept the Alami Shura (World Council), no
proper Ameer but a decision maker, who is rotated in responsibility, week by week, month by month and year by
year. This ensures the method of Nabuwwah is destroyed and the method of communism is established.

The Evil Intentions Of This Communist Shura

• To kill off the Markaz Nizamuddin and it’s status.
• To desolve the Ameer and Imarat.
• To devolve the effort of Da’wah temporarily to the Alami Shura.
• To then instigate the Alami Shura to fight amongst itself.
• To take the effort of Da’wah and movement of Ambiya’ by the throat and finish it off for ever.

This is such a dangerous conspiracy that the fitnah of the Tatars and Cheng’s fitnah are overshadowed!

May Allah defeat the Alami Shura and it’s promotors.

(Collected and will be continue; tomorrow will be Part 5 inshAllah)


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