“Beware of the foresight of a Mu’min because he sees with the (aid of the) Nur of Allah.” (Hadeeth)

If the Alami Shura formed in Pakistan was accepted, immediately, Markaz Nizamuddin would have been closed
and locked.

Allah gave our Ameer, Hazrat Molana Sa’d Sahib, the foresight that guided him, to not even accept the Alami
Shura for even a short single moment.

The skilful political people behind the evil forces had prepped Molvi Ahmed Laat that you have nothing to do or
say. As soon as Molana Sa’d Sahib signs the document accepting the formation of the Alami Shura, Markaz Nizamuddin will be locked.

Molana Azad Sahib (Ra) had taken Dr Wilbha Bhai Patel and signed an agreement with Hazratjee Molana Yusuf Sahib (Ra): “Markaz Nizamuddin has no connection with the people of Pakistan. No person from the neighboring country will be able to gain membership or position in Markaz Nizamuddin. Molana Sa’d Sahib took up his position with steadfastness and did not accept the Alami Shura.

When he returned to Delhi, then he found about this agreement. To become this steadfast without knowing this,
cannot be less than a (Karamat – pious people’s) miracle.

If the Alami Shura was accepted, then immediately, the government of India would have categorised Molana Sa’d
Sahib as an agent of an enemy state.

Straight away, Markaz Nizamuddin would have been closed. And with force, Raiwind Markaz’s political people’s 50 year old plot would have succeeded. Molana Ahmed Laat would
have become Hazrat. Molana Tariq Jameel would have demanded the respect and position of Molana Umar
Palanpuri (Ra). Naeem Butt would have become the media’s pet.

Really, the planning of destroying Imarat was already in process from the time of the demise of Hazratjee Molana
Yusuf Sahib (Ra).

According to Hazrat Molana Yusuf Motala Sahib, when Hazrat Shaykh Zakariyya (Ra) announced the Imarat of
Hazratjee Molana In’aamul Hasan Sahib (Ra), the zimmedaar of Raiwind wrote that: ” Like the war lords of Punjab, the dad died so the son takes over. This is what you have done with Markaz Nizamuddin.” Hazrat Shaykh (Ra) replied, “I made mashwera with senior Ulama here before making a decision.”

At the demise of Hazratjee Molana In’aamul Hasan Sahib (Ra), the people of Raiwind were present. That same
zimmedaar (Elder) who 30 years ago, gave that example of the warlords of Punjab, at this time repeated those same words in Markaz Nizamuddin. He added:

1) “There will be no more bay’at in Markaz Nizamuddin.”
2) “There will be no more Ameer in Markaz Nizamuddin.”Someone challenged him: “What are you saying here?” So he began saying, “We have taken over the big streets of Punjab.”

The Alami Shura was formed in 2015, to eradicate Imarat. The people of Raiwind from the beginning have not accepted the Imarat of Markaz Nizamuddin.

With such a sadness would Hazratjee Molana In’aamul Hasan Sahib (Ra) say: “The people in Raiwind Markaz have never counted us as an Ameer. We are the ones who keep them as our companions.”

Note from Translation Team

We are publishing a translation of a letter written by the great scholar of the last century Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi in which it is clearly stated that decisions pertaining to Imarat and major Tablighi issues should not take place inRaiwind. It was a deep conspiracy of the evil political Raiwind Alame Shura (World Council) to set up the Alame Shoora at the Raiwind Ijtma in November 2015. If Hazrat Jee Molana Saad would have accepted the World Shura, Nizamuddin Markaz would have been shut down and Nizamuddin would have lost its position as the World Markaz and Rawind would have been the World Markaz –an evil dream accomplished!

English Translation of Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi’s letter (with the urdu letter)

The first issue is all energy is expended to preserve the supporting shura & responsible persons that were selected
at the demise of Hadhrat Jee (RA). This must be done at whatever cost. At present, the eyes of the world, friends &
enemies alike are on the current situation. The sincere ones do not wish to see a fracture in unity or that the enemy is given an opportunity to cause a break. Shaytaan, the jealous and the antagonists are in anticipation of causing a fracture in this bond & the sincere ones make du’a that this
understanding remains intact.

The second issue pertains to my understanding obtained from experience, insight & some knowledge pertaining to politics & history.

And that understanding is:

Decisions pertaining to Imarat & major issues should be made in Nizamuddin Markaz alone, not Pakistan. If devolution to Pakistan does take place, not only will the work become difficult in India, but all over the world too. This would cause political upheaval and, in addition, the Help of Allah & spirituality connected to Bangle wali Masjid will not be found elsewhere.

These 2 points I have made are because I felt compelled to do so; I consider it to be my Deeni obligation and because of
my historical connections (with the effort of Dawat).
Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

(Collected and Continue; Part 3 will be tomorrow inshaAllah)  


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