Alami Fitna, some questions and answers

Alami FitnaEnglish Translation of Maulana Mehbub’s Qist 422 Date: 18th June 2018


(A) Accusation against Maulana Sa’ad Sahab. Case of adultery being registered.
(B) The worldwide movement for Islah
(C) News of Alami Shura
(D) The imminent arrival of Raiwind brothers to Blackburn
(E) Deficiency of Darul Uloom Deoband
(F) Hadhrat Hasan Basri’s fatwa
(G) Bangladesh’s karguzari

The Work of Dawat & it’s Methodology:

(A) Accusation Against Maulana Sa’ad Sahab:

Nearest translation of verse 81 of Surah Qasas: “Then We caused the earth to swallow up, him (Qaroon) and his home.”

Qaroon rejected Musa Alayhis Salam’s instruction to give Zakat. To disgrace him, Qaroon paid a lady to
falsely accuse Musa Alayhis Salam of committing adultery in public whilst he was fulfilling his duty of Dawat. So she did.

Musa Alayhis Salam became enraged and when he looked in her direction, she became fearful; retracting
her statement (against Musa AS) and informing Musa Alayhis Salam that she had been paid by Qaroon to make such an accusation. Musa Alayhis Salam proceeded to make du’a against Qaroon. The earth therefore proceeded to swallow him.

Following in the footsteps of Qaroon, Yasin Mewati & his associates also bought out a lady by the name of
Haleema to make the same accusation against Maulana Sa’ad Sahab of committing adultery and this was widely publicised by group known as the World Movement for Islah on social media.

We have now registered a case on the matter and have given this group 7 days to bring forth 4 witnesses to this case. Should they fail to do so, they should
prepare for the punishment of making a false accusation.

Case Registry Copy
In Regards the Accusation of Adultery
13th June 2018. Serial Number: 3210

(i) The plaintiffs should provide 4 eyewitnesses and the accuser Haleema must also submit her case

(ii) The punishment for false accusation as per Qur’an is 80 lashes & the rejection of their testimony for the rest of their lives. (Surah Noor, verse 4).

(iii) The Wajib obligation to produce the evidence is on the accusers, namely Yasin Mewati, Haleema, admin group leader of the World Islah movement whatsup group & any others within that group levelling the accusation.

If they cannot produces the evidence, then the crime of being false accusers will be attributed to them. Since we do not live in an Islamic state, the punishment in this instance will be left to Allah. Since the accusation has been publicly made, the accusers’
crime will also be made public (via social media).

We have given them 7 days (until 20th June) for the matter to be resolved after which we will make viral via social media the fitna of this World Islah Movement group.

We have also determined that from now on, we will investigate all accusations from any individual or group. If the accusation is correct, we will support them. If not, they will receive their comeuppance. This is so that media is not utilised incorrectly and so that Muslims are protected from evil and corruption.

(B) News of Alami Shura:

(Jambusar) The people of the world shura performed I’tikaaf with Mol Ebrahim Dewla Sahab in Gujarat and
made several Mashwarahs with him.

1. These Mashwarahs were due to take place in Madina in Ramadhan, but both the Arabs and non Arabs tabligh brother in Saudi declared their affiliation with Nizamuddin & the message was given openly to
Maulana Ihsanul Haq & Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab that they should go to Nizamuddin & work according to the
guidance given there. It was also made clear that there was no place for world shura in Hijaz. For this reason, 25 people of world shura were deprived of

2. Mashwarah was made for Janab Ahmad Laat Sahab to perform I’tikaaf in Dabhel Madrassah’s Masjid. This was so that he could provide clarity to
certain rich businessmen from Mumbai, who had come for I’tikaaf, yet after 4 days he had to return home due
to a heavy bout of diahorrea meaning:

(i) First, he was removed from Markaz (Nizamuddin by the will of Allah),
(ii) Then he was removed from Madina (Note:the Prophet SAW came in a local brothers dream and told him is there anyone in madina who will remove Ahmed Laat from Madina. He has given me a lot of pain) &
(iii) Lastly he was removed from the Masjid in which he was performing I’tikaaf.

This is Allah’s power at play. People can be evasive in a hundred thousand ways, but once the pursuit begins everyone receives their comeuppance. One by one they’re being taken to account (fa’tabiroo ya oolil absar).

3. Our close associate (responsible brother from Blackburn) flew the banner of world shura in England.
He was healthy and had no record of major illnesses. In the month of Ramadhan he was in Makkah to
perform Umraah. Suddenly his health deteriorated and had be brought back to Blackburn due to his illness .
He was diagnosed with cancer. Allah Ta’ala grant him cure and guidance.

4. Farooq Bhai Bangalore too was uniquely healthy. He joined the world shura campaign and he too has
been struck down with a cancer-like illness which he is currently bearing the burden of. We’re not fortune tellers, but we’ve seen that on a
turn-by-turn basis this will be the outcome. You may say that this is irrelevant chatter, but these 2 examples are before us. And what of the other many examples that we’re unaware of? There are numerous ways in which Allah grabs hold of a person.

The only cure is to repent & return to Nizamuddin. Allah Ta’ala can never be defeated.

5. We can say with conviction that Maulana Ebrahim Dewla Sahab is going through an internal turmoil. His
mind is saying one thing & his heart is saying another. If the mind prevails, he will return to Nizamuddin
Markaz, but if the heart prevails, his fate will be to wander aimlessly. Often in this battle between heart and mind, it becomes impossible to reach a decision and the person can become mentally unwell. If a decision is made quickly, a way can be found, but the
longer it takes, the more difficult life will become.

May Allah Ta’ala grant our Maulana Ebrahim Dewla Sahab ease of return to his home Nizamuddin Markaz, where he can continue in the tarbiyah of the people involved in the effort of Tabligh.

(C) The imminent arrival of Raiwind brothers for the Blackburn Ijtima:

Raiwind brothers are all coming to the Blackburn Ijtima without the Mashwarah of Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab.

For a few days they will reside in Portugal; thereafter making their way to Blackburn. In this group there are
certain individuals that at one time called Haji Sahab a murtad, namely Bhai Yameen Sahab. Allah grant him
guidance. Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab is not coming to England.

(D) The Poor Situation of Darul Uloom Deoband

Before Ramadhan a responsible Hadhraat of Deoband & the elders of Nizamuddin Markaz held a long
discussion at the Markaz.

DU Hadhraat: We believe it necessary that a rapport & understanding is re-established between Darul Uloom & Markaz. This is because due to the ongoing differences, the honour & respect of the Darul Uloom has been undermined.

Markaz Elders: Give us the answer to 1 question. When there were differences within Darul Uloom Deoband, Sahranpur & the Jamiat, and a split occurred was there any interference by the elders and brothers of Tabligh in any of their internal differences?

DU Hadhraat: No, never.

Markaz Elders: Our differences too were internal. We would have implored our disgruntled friends, ensuring their return. What was the need for Darul Uloom’s interference? Darul Uloom’s fatwa has disgraced us throughout the world and years and years of sacrifice of our elders has been ruined.

DU Hadhraat: Absolutely true. We shouldn’t have interfered. I also asked Mufti Abul Qasim that in matters of special importance the procedure prior to issuing a FATWA (ruling) is to consult with the shura members & responsible Ulama. In this instance however, there was a break from the procedure and a hasty decision made to issue a ruling (against Molana Saad). I asked him what the reason for this was and he replied: “If I did not issue fatwa, I would be have
been beaten.”

I proceeded to ask him: “Which force is behind utilising you in such a way?” To which he replied: “I can’t say, I am fearful.”

Markaz Elders: We request that you make the necessary arrangements to resolve the current crises & we fully assist you. Du’a took place and the discussion ended.

(E) Hadhrat Hasan Basri Rahimahullah’s Fatwa (Fathul Majeed – 87)

The precondition for obedience, worship & love of Allah is the quality of honesty & purity/sincerity & these
cannot be obtained without Dawat, because whoever loves Allah also loves all the things He loves. And it is
certain that Allah loves His slaves & wants them to be successful. Similarly, those things which Allah dislikes, those that love Him will also dislike. In addition, it is certain that Allah does not wish to oppress or destroy His slaves. Our success in both worlds is in Deen & our destruction is in absence of Deen.

The summary of this discussion is that if we are not inviting to Allah and not doing the work of Dawat, then our claim that we love Allah is false.

(F) Bangladesh’s Karguzari:

The Jamat of Maulana Abdul Aziz Balyawi Sahab has returned to Nizamuddin, having worked in
Bangladesh. Now the Jamat of Mufti Asadullah Sahab has reached and are working in Bangladesh. Today I spoke with Brother Wasiful Islam (from
Bangladesh) and he said that the Ulama are returning (to the work of Tabligh) and the common people are
joining in droves. The route of his Jamat has been made towards اضالع
Do not lend an attentive ear to the negative messages being circulated (on social media). The people of world
shura’s only means now is social media. Do not reply to it. Invest your time, health & wealth in Allah’s path.
In this there is success. Allah protect us all. Ameen.

(G) Miscellaneous:

(i) Birmingham Ulama Jor – 17th June 2018

After Asar, an Ulama gathering took place in Birmingham Markaz. Approximately 700 people attended, from which there were approximately 200 Ulama. Mufti Fida Sahab, whose 4 months pedal;
(walking) Jamat is working in the area, arranged the jor with the Mashwarah of the local brothers. The Jamat is strong. The tafaqqud of 13 four months pedal Jamats has been made. For several days the bayans of Shaykul Hadith Maulana Fazlur Rahman Sahab (from South Africa)
took place. Shaykul Hadith Sahab stated that Molvi Sa’eed Patel is hellbent on digging up the garden laid by his late and respected father, Hafez Patel Sahab (RA). This is destruction for him.

(ii) World Shura’s Poona Ijtima

In April 2018 the people of shura held an Ijtima in Poona for 5 districts. A lot of effort was made. Announcements were made in the streets via speakers. Nobody offered a Masjid/Madrassah for the Ijtima, hence a Mandir’s hall was hired for 3 days. For 2 days hardly anybody attended. On the 3rd day, approximately 4000 attended; Du’a took place & no Jamats came out. From the people of shura, only Molvi Ismail Ghodra was present and he undertook the mudhkarahs & talks.

(iii) Karguzari of 2 Surat Jamats:

Two 40 days’ Jamats went from Surat to Karnatak. Both returned having not completed their time. When asked as to why, they replied that there was nobody to help us. Everyone’s affiliated with Nizamuddin Markaz. We were unable to do umoomi Gusht. We were only allowed to stay in the Masajids, but were unable to put forth our agenda. The local brothers would do the mudhakarahs & say that Hadhrat Jee (Maulana Sa’ad Sahab) has instructed us to allow you to stay & that we should do your ikram, but your talks are to remain within the 6 points. We felt helpless & like prisoners; hence we had no option but to return.

Allah Ta’ala is the controller of the hearts. Whenever he wishes he will place or dislike in it.

Of the approximately 70 major sins, the biggest is to cause disunity in the Ummah.


The khawarij and mu’tazila were also large groups. Powerful, and assisted by the governments of the day their knowledge & speech was unrivalled. Allah Ta’ala gave them respite for a while, but once the mill of Allah’s punishment commenced, then one-by-one they were crushed until there was no trace of them left in the world. This is the outcome of every group that seeks to cause disunity in the Ummah.

For other sins, longer respite is given, but for those that cause disunity in the Ummah, the Grasp of Allah is immediate.

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