The month of Ramadan two people accept Islam in Buffalo

Photo Editor-20180611_193256.jpgEmbrace islam gain peace. We would like to welcome 1) Cloudious Modi 2) Wani M Jada to the fold of Islam, the true religion. Everyday we here about people who embrace Islam. On June 06, 2018 Mr. Cloudious and Mr. Jada had taken their Shahada.

The moment they finish their proclamation by Imam Ayyash, Masjid Al-Eiman, 444 Connecticut St, Buffalo, the foundation of Masjid building shakes with the sound of hundreds of excited Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar!” at the top their lungs.

Two new Muslims is then showered with more hugs they have ever likely ever received in the span of their life.

As soon as they take the Shahada, new Muslims get a welcome package from Mr. Tofael, Secretary of Buffalo Muslim Center, New York. Brother Mafuz, Kamal, Arif, Al-Hajj Hannan was present there. Everyone of Community people goes home feeling elated and inspired.


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