Da’wah work is such a beautiful work, which completely transforms human life.

Photo Editor-20180424_225118.jpgPhoto Editor-20180424_172958-1.jpgThis is the harvest of the work of the da’wah. Da’wah work is such a beautiful work, which completely transforms human life, like an example Bangladeshi Former Actor Ananto Jalil.

Ananto Jalil kept his word. Former actor Ananto Jalil has taken responsibilities of the two younger brothers of Rajib Hossain. Rajib Hossain a college student of Dhaka Government Titumir College, who died following a road accident in Dhaka.

On April 3, Rajib, a third-year student of Government Titumir College in Dhaka, lost his right hand after it got stuck between two speeding buses trying to overtake each other in the capital’s Bangla Motor area. He also suffered brain haemorrhage in the accident. He died in Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on April 16.

After the tragic death of Rajib, Ananto on his verified Facebook page on April 17 expressed his willingness to take the responsibilities of his younger brothers Mehedi Hasan Bappi and Abdullah Hridoy, who lost their parents long ago.

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Fromer Actor now spend his valuable time with Dawat-e-Tabligh MasaAllah.


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