The germination of the taleban in Bangladesh : A wakeup call

Are we unwittingly allowing the germination of a bangladeshi version of the taleban?

photo editor-20180324_192928992119288..jpgSounds a little farfetched? Think again. The Tongi Ijtema that was concluded on 21st January gives a chilling picture of a future scenario.
A taleban dominated society.

Take for example the blockading of the airport on 10th January. Who were these people? So called Uiama and their students. Madrasah students are called “ “taleb e ilm “ seekers of knowledge. In Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan they are called “taleban”.

Question naturally arises why and how the law enforcing agencies allowed a few thousand mainly young boys to hamstring the normal trafic flow in and around the airport leading to total chaos. Adding fuel to untold miseries of the hapless dhakaites who had happened to get caught in the traffic there..

Main reason for this was the “ taleban” were protesting the entry into the country, of Mowlana Muhamad Saad Kandhalwi, the Ameer of tabligh jamaat with world headquarters based in New Delhi. M Saad Saheb was ,by the way ,travelling with a valid visa and on the invitation of a government delegation consisting of Ulama and Tabligh Elders.

M Saad was eventually taken to Bangladesh tabligh head quarters at Kakrail masjid, escorted by law enforcing agencies who categorically promised him to escort him back to Tongi Ijtema maidan once things cool down.
That promise they never fulfilled .Rather the govt was forced to concede to “taleban” leaders demand that he must return to India as soon as possible. Much to the utter dismay and anger of lacs and lacs of lovers of M Saad being deprived of seeing him and listening to his lectures.

Foreign guests were equally surprised by this unilateral decision and many vowed never to come to Bangldash Tongi Ijtema if the same thing is perpetrated next year.

The second scene of taleban dominance was witnessed in Tongi maidan itself. There were virtually thousands of madrasah students guarding the Dias , guarding the foreigners tent , guarding different sections within the foreigners tent and making their presence felt any where and everywhere. Such activities was witnessed for the first time in the history of Tongi Ijtema.
The whole thing was orchestrated by prominent Madrasa teachers, such as Maolana Mahmudul Hasan of dawatul Huq, Moalana Ashraf Ali & Moalana Mahfuzul Huq of Hefazote Islam aided by a section of the elders of tabligh jamat headed by Moalana Zubair Ahmad, Moalana Omar Faruq, engr Mahfuz Hannan, Engr Anisur Rahman , Dr. Asghar etc.

Dark stories are emerging of the goings on during the Ijtema period.

1. Engr Abdul Matin was humiliated and forcefully removed from his responsibility of “Nazm jamat” by Mahfuz Hannan and aided by M Mahmudul Hasan.

2. Dr Rezaul Karim was unceremoniously replaced by another person. A position he has been fulfilling for the last 10 years.
3. Ghiasuddin Ahmad Amir of Nazm jamat was manhandled by Haji Seraj of Victoria Park
4. Janab Nasim Sb member of Shura was barred from coming to Kakrail by taleban boys led by Hanzala son of M Zubair
5. Dr Asghar of Uttara and Master Tajul were seen with roving bands of taleban threatening , misbehaving with foreigners who wanted to leave the Ijtema grounds. Many were not allowed to take their luggage even.
6. Many disgusted shura members of countries like USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Philipine, Qatar. Libya, Sudan, Kenya, etc. Left Tongi Ijtema and came to Kakrail masjid to meet and consult with Moalana Saad SB.
7. Many foreigners were directly stopped, intimidated by Dr Abdul Awal of NewYork , Master Tajul Islam and Dr Asghar with his taleban hordes, from coming to Kakrail much to their dismay.

8. Mufti Mizan of Kuril had a special session with taleban of Kakrail madrasah with inspirational speech akin to urging for jihad and instilling violent activities in the hearts of the young and gullible boys.

9. Sk Jasim of Qatar who had gone to visit the shura members of Kakrail was harrased by Hanzala and his talebans initially instigated by Yahya of maghbazar. His car keys were confiscated and he had get the help of Home Minister to get them back.

10. Mashwara (consultation majlis) was carried out under strict surveillance of taleban.

11. For the second phase of the Ijtema a group was hurriedly brought from India consisting of members from the deviant group
Who have left Nizamuddin and have since aligned themselves with Pakistani tabligh group apposing M Saad SB

This group virtually dominated the proceedings of the 2nd phase Ijtema and are reported to have had clandestine meetings with some shura members of Kakrail.

12. Latest manifestation of taleban activities was witnessed
At Kakrail masjid last Tuesday where they disrupted normal proceedings of Kakrail masjid and created a reign of terror attacking one the oldest member of shura Shahbuddin Nasim Sb, amidst shoutings, slogan mongering etc. Prominent trouble makers wer Dr Asghar, mufti abdulmuquith , Demra. Mufti Zakaria jathrabari, m oalana shabbir, M zubair of Muhammadpur etc.,

Taleban crowding in Kakrail mosque on Tuesday last.

13. Prominent taleban type activities is now found in every local Zella ijtemas wherein they are forcefully dictating their will whereas earlier they were silent onlookers of tabligh proceedings.

All this under the nose of the law enforcing authorities who at tines it appears condone such activities .

Can we the silent majority allow this slow takeover of tabligh jamat by mostly radical/political Islamic groups?
How long will the romance between Awami league and Hefazat type Islamic groups last?
When the bubble bursts the taleban will have greatly consolidated its position and will be a force to be reckoned with.

Can we allow tabligh jamat which has always been a peaceful and apolitical organisation, be dominated by Pakistan-India splinter group plus the taleban with the connivance of a minority’ Bangladeshi tabligh elders aided by their musclemen

The sticks and rods being wielded by Madrasah boys under supervision of their ustads may well turn into guns in the future.

The writer recalls after hearing the inspiring speech of Bongobondhu on March 7th 1971, it was predicted that the sticks would soon turn into guns.
That prediction came out to be true on March 25th.

Can we urge the government to move with utmost caution before the baby turns out to be a full grown Frankenstein?


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