Indonesian Cikampek 3 Days Tablighi Jord Ended Successfully.

Alhamdulillah. Jord cikampek has ended just now with dua covered by World Tabligh Ameer Hazratji Maulana Saad D.B. May this istema be accepted by Allah SWT.

Attendance around 40,000 around the world. The total Jamat formed for 4 months : 167 ; Total 40 Days assembled Jamat : 327 ; Total numbers of Jamat released from Jord Cikampek : 494.

Last 3 months from December 2017-March 2018 data for Indonesia Central Markaz the following Jamat went out path of Allah.

1 Year of Scholars Jamat Numbers : 40 ; 4 months of IPB Jamat Numbers : 223 ; 4 months other than IPB (Whole world) : 43 ; 4 months walking Jamat : 450 ; 4 months regular Jamat : 289 ; 40 Days walking Jamat : 353 ; 40 Days regular Jamat : 1850

Deputy Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Wakapolri), Commissioner General of Police Syafruddin attended the Cikampek Joor (March 2018)

Wakapolri had a dialogue with the Ameer of Jamaah Tabligh Maulana Saad Al-Kandahlawi. Thereafter he expressed his gratitude and thanks to Maulana for conducting the Ijtima’.

Hazratji Maulana Sa’ad DB extended an invitation for Wakapolri to come to the Worldwide Tablighi Markaz in New Delhi, India.

May Allah accept Wakapolri Syafruddin to go out in the path of Allah and participate in the effort of Da’wat. Ameen!


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