” The World Biggest Ijtima 2018 ended peacefully “



img-20180226-wa0002663630895.jpgAlhamdulillah, Aurangabad Umoomi Ijtima (24, 25 & 26 Feb 2018) has ended with dua of Hazrat Ji Maulana Sa’ad D.B.
Masha-Allah 12 Million+ (1 Crore 20 Lakh) people had come to attend this Ijtima and 25+ countries jama’at had also come to attend this ijtima.

10000+ Jama’at 40 Days
2500+ Jama’at 4 Month
600+ Jama’at Of Beroon
3000+ Nikah

The three day Ijtema which began in Aurangabad on Saturday came to end today at around 11:00 am after half an hour Duaa by head of Tablighi Jamaat Saad Kandhelvi. Thousands from Aurangabad and adjoining cities and villages, and also from different cities and towns of Maharashtra participated in the Duaa.

The Aurangabad Ijtema ended peacefully and without any major untoward incident. However there was a report that a youth from Malegaon had died of cardiac arrest on second day of the Ijtema.

According to the organisers, marriages of more than 3000 couples were solemnised during the Aurangabad Ijtema. This included marriages of 100 couples from Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Muslims who thronged the Ijtema Gah since Friday are now on their way back to home. The Aurangabad Railway Station is overcrowded and all trains and buses from Aurangabad to other cities are full. Normal traffic on the highways is also disrupted due to heavy rush of people.

The Aurangabad Ijtema was held amid the power struggle between two rival groups of the Tablighi Jamaat, and fatwa issued against the Tablighi Jamaat by Darul Uloom Deoband. It is also reported that the rival group in a show of strength is planning to organize their own Ijtema sometimes in April or May when the exams are over.


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  1. Alhamdulillah ye ijtima allah ki taayeed se pura hua allah paak ise sharfeqabuliyat ata farmaye aur islam aur hidayt ke phaylne. Ka zariya farmye

  2. Allah is GREAT it’s HE who does everything omnipotent and everliving ALLAH let’s all of us believe in HIM and submit and surrender to HIM if and only if we want eternal success…Lailaha Illallah Muhammadu Rasulullah (peace be upon him)

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