“They are Siddiqis, display the best of manners.”

**“They are Siddiqis, display the best of manners.Photo Editor-20180206_064856.jpg”**

Akhlaaq of Maulana Salman al Husaini an Nadwi in approaching the ikhtilaaf in Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) – From brother Fuad Akmal of Malaysia (Jan 2018):

When Maulana Salman was scheduled to deliver the Jumu’ah Khutbah in the International Islamic University Malaysia he was approached by a person who I think is a student of this university. In the beginning I did not bother much about their conversation because I was chatting with an alumnus of Nadwa from Gombak who had also come to receive Maulana at this university.

However I was told by one of our brothers that the person was causing a provocation by asking Maulana about the ikhtilaaf that is currently happening in TJ. I started paying attention to their conversation.

The person started asking Maulana the predicament that the TJ leadership is facing. Maulana Salman’s uneasiness was visible as in front of him were several Nadwa alumni, and Pakistani and Indian students. However this person promptly asked Maulana and described the recent issue in Tongi. He also asked “What is your opinion on Saad?” (without referring to him with the laqab/title of Maulana). At first Maulana merely kept quiet and smiled, but he was asked the same question repeatedly, and we were disturbed by his behaviour. Maulana, who was probably feeling uneasy about the question, then immediately answered, “He has retracted (made rujoo’ of) all his statements.”

The person immediately said, “There is a group of Ulama in Bangladesh that has criticised Saad’s statements.” Maulana Salman answered, “He has retracted (those statements).” I was thinking, “What’s with this guy, the person has done Taubah; why still discuss his past mistakes.”

Maulana Salman then said, “They are Siddiqis (of the lineage of Abu Bakr radhi Allaahu ‘anhu), display the best of manners.”

From this incident:

1. Maulana Salman al Husaini an Nadwi, a renowned scholar of India, observed proper etiquette when confronted by this ikhtilaaf
2. Ikhtilaf does not permit improper etiquette among Ulama
3. Spread the good of our brothers.



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